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A white-throated rock thrush (Monticola gularis) found in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand. These thrushes live in forested areas, shrublands, and rocky areas through much of east Asia. 80 more words


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The Simpsons Movie is a 2007 American animated comedy film based on the television series The Simpsons. Directed by David Silverman, it stars the regular cast of… 156 more words


Life Lessons From A College Student

  • Paper towels are a commodity; cherish them.
  • Same thing goes for ice cubes.
  • Lighting sparklers inside may seem like a fun idea for someone’s birthday, but sometimes it’s not, because sometimes they set off the fire alarm and the entire residence has to evacuate.
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What to Expect?

What is this blog about? It is about the lessons I have and am learning. I am a twenty year old guy who is going into his junior year as a biomedical engineering student. 258 more words


elopement \ that moment in time

I don’t have much to give, but I don’t care for gold
What use is money, when you need someone to hold?
Don’t have direction, I’m just rolling down this road…

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Forget the Past?

Tonight on Facebook, I saw one of my “friends” post a status:

“I wish I could wake up with Amnesia and forget the stupid little things.” 

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5 Things You Should Know About College

So, after much reflection, I’ve decided that during my past 2 years in college, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve grown from the days of being a freshman at Loyola, and here are some of the tips and lessons that I’ve learned along the way. 561 more words