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becoming minimalist

A few years ago I realized a couple of things – that I didn’t respect myself with money, that I liked to buy things for my idealized life, and that I have way too much stuff. 1,070 more words

Mama Carassius Auratus Auratus

You Want Me To Give Food To A Dead Guy?

One time I got a phone call at home around dinnertime from a staff member that went something like this:

Staff: I’m sorry to bother you but we kind of have an issue here… 795 more words



Let’s talk about ex-boyfriends. That’s always a fun one, right? We’ve all got them. The crazies, the stalkers, the needy ones, the shitty ones, the “one that got away”, the cheaters, the hot, the not. 681 more words



I am emotional, but not overly sentimental. Today a friend of mine sent me the story of a cat called “ugly” and I completely lost my shit. 164 more words

Could it be??

Thinking out loud instead of to the COMMITTEE in my heart and head.. Taking it to WordPress instead… Could it be distresses and disturbance of things is merely stripes snatched away from pride but the main focus is.. 90 more words

An Open Letter To My Future Child

My dear (future) child,

At the time that I am writing this, you are but a mere idea that my future possibly holds. I’m currently single and have no intention of even meeting you for another ten years. 972 more words


Going After What You Want is Hard Work: A Story From An Entrepreneur

“If it were easy everyone would be doing it.” I have heard this many times since I started my business. The thought of owning my business is far different from where it was four years ago. 944 more words

Friday Focus