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Out of the Rain

Kicking and screaming – that’s how I finally went off, this morning, to engage in the women’s ministry offerings at our “new” church. This being the official One Year mark since we first started attending regularly, you might be picking up on what a struggle it’s been for me to fully embrace this place. 523 more words

Yes, Indeedy

Social Issues Silhouettes

I decided I wanted to try something new to begin the year with my advanced classes. I had been looking at the work of Kara Walker a lot this summer, and she served as the inspiration for these silhouette projects. 467 more words


what if I gave up?

What if I gave up?

Would you even notice? Would it even make a difference to your life? 342 more words


The Ups And Downs

Loosing a friend, people talking behind your back, feeling left out, getting in a fight. All these factors affect us. But have we ever thought that why do they affect us.   123 more words



from Mitch Albom’s magical and uplifting novel, The Five People You Meet In Heaven:

The First Lesson

This is the greatest gift God can give you: to understand what happened in your life.

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A Lesson from my Daughter

The other day, during a brief phone conversation with my daughter, I did something no parent should do in the presence of their child.

I compared someone unfavorably to someone else. 285 more words


Object Lessons: The Hardware Shop Porcelain Light Socket

The porcelain light socket, once the hallmark of the New York City tenement apartment, has come to represent the essence of timeless and cost-effective utility design. 33 more words

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