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You only live once

This message is pretty simply, clear and generally effective in changing our perceptions.

You only live once, so make it count!

I have really tried hard to embrace this idea over the past few months and I am so much happier for it. 107 more words


Self realization
Self esteem
Self control

Dear self
My letter to you is pretty much scrambled thoughts. My evaluations seem to be becoming more and more challenging. 351 more words

Benefits of Intensive Driving Courses in London

Most driving school in the UK have a 1:1 ratio for the training. This means that for every learner, there is one trainer. With the 1:1 ratio, the trainer can give undivided attention to the learner. 304 more words



Stories are the backbone of my world. I hear them, I tell them, I write them. This summer I had my first big girl, real world job aka an unpaid internship (does a transportation stipend count?). 509 more words


'Twas the end of summer...

The end of summer racing is just a stones throw away. Both Saratoga and Del Mar will conclude following Labor Day festivities and will leave memories in my mind for vastly different reasons. 940 more words

Dear Void,

I am crying again. There’s no easy way to get over it. Just have to face it, go through and get past it.

Something that shouldn’t be this significant actually hurt me very badly. 86 more words