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Oh C'mon! Be a Girl!

I go to this really cool store that sells these realllyyyyy cool fandom t-shirts that you’re gonna die if you see. I pick one ‘Batman’ t-shirt. 929 more words


Computer Tech Lessons : How to Restore an HP Computer to Factory Settings

To restore an HP computer to factory settings, boot up the computer, press the “F11″ key while it is booting up and follow the instructions that appear on th…
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Meeting Mr. Hopkins

I met a man on Beale Street.

“Excuse me ma’am, I feel like I just must tell you somthin.  You’s the prettiest little thing I’ve seen yet today” 827 more words


Second Week

This is my second week, and my last week before reading week/a week off! :D Although I do have to do work but still…

Monday… 595 more words

Colchester Institute

Why I don't have regrets

Life is how it is and making mistakes or taking wrong choices is inevitable. Sometimes a simple mistake can lead to tragedy or traumatizing situations in your life but with the time I realized that this is how I have learned most of my lessons. 408 more words


Scary Stories

I’m a horror movie fan, I must admit.  But I’ll take a slasher-movie any day over some of the real-life scary stories that happen. I think that’s why I’m drawn to them–because if I can tolerate Saw, then I can tolerate doubt. 491 more words