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How This Dolphin Changed My Life - My Favorite Job!

Nellie was a very smart animal and I had no idea what I was about to learn when I first took the microphone at my new job. 803 more words

the worst travel agent ever

Okay kids, I’m going to say it. The worst travel agest ever is: myself. (Work, please don’t fire me)

Now, before I do lose my job, I need to clarify something. 413 more words


Lessons from a Dry-run

With our start date fast approaching I have been doing a LOT of last-minute preparation.  From figuring out our route, making sure we have all the equipment we need, and stressing over how on EARTH I’m going to pull this whole thing off and somehow finish off one of the most difficult school years. 756 more words





Life happening around me,

Leaving me dumbstruck,

Cursing my luck,

Struggling with my purpose,

My existence,

Existential conditions,

Got me split between fact, 147 more words


Your Anxieties Are Not Mine

Lesson #1: Don’t let someone ascribe their anxieties and worries onto you. Check in with yourself and reflect on who’s thoughts are you processing. If it isn’t yours then throw that out and focus on you. 34 more words


Define Your Comfort Zone

Lesson #2: I challenge myself every week to try and do something that is “outside my comfort zone” which is usually being more active in the day, having a conversation with a random stranger or taking a different route to school. 370 more words


Conundrum 2014!

The biggest night in music is almost here! Come be completely inspired by the talent, passion and risk-taking of 16 adorable students as they rock their favorite songs accompanied by… 46 more words