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100 Things I Will Teach My Daughter

A while back my cousin-in-law shared a nice article on Facebook. In it a mother listed 100 things that she wants to teach her daughter as she grows. 1,364 more words


What are you worth?

We seek to be of value to others, especially to those who matter most.

The question is, do we “hang out” with others because they are of value to us? 266 more words

Aw... the life of a teen.

I just have to share this as it made me laugh for ages….

So a couple of days ago me and some friends were at Pizza Hut and were trying to decide what to order. 90 more words

What Andhra Bhavan canteen taught me about customer service

Tucked away in the heart of Lutyens Delhi is the Andhra Bhavan canteen. Every weekend, serpentine queues form outside this simple nondescript building to partake of their delicious Andhra meals (unlimited), their spicy chicken and mutton curries and their fabled chicken biryani. 1,115 more words

Feeling good about the past.

I’m the daughter of two people, a sister to two; auntie to three, the cousin of seven; and I’m the ex-girlfriend of many.


I’m not sure what exactly brought me to that point earlier, while mulling over the past before bed like I usually do. 562 more words

August Angst

Every year, as August rolls along, this quiet but very apparent angst sets in. A restlessness that I can’t quite put a finger on, so many questions, way too many ideas, no clue where to begin or how to proceed. 2,380 more words

Life And Times

Fear Is The Mind-Killer

These days, I seem to spend a lot of my time making sure I’m using my energy the right way. I am consciously trying to ease my mind of the pressure it feels about the future by trying to be as prepared for it as I can. 452 more words