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DRAFT: What does it mean to be remarkable?

I love words. I love stating what they mean. I love learning about what they mean to me. In other words how can I connect that word or associated with a fact, a process, or a goal of mine. 477 more words

Lessons Learned

Would You Press 'DELETE?'

I’m just going to let you all know some of my personal fantasies or rather daydreams. But I’d like to warn you that I think about the weirdest things you could possibly imagine. 630 more words


A Light in The Dark

There is alway’s Hope no matter what the World outside will lead you to believe.  Let’s just say for the sake of theoretical purposes, We… 230 more words

Death of Self

This life has gifted me with the most talented, genuinely beautiful human beings. I often wonder, why? Or more so, how have I brought such inspiring people into my life? 625 more words


ऐ जिंदगी तू चुपचाप सीधी क्यूँ नहीं चलती,
कितने ही दोराहों पर ला खड़ा करती है।
सपाट सीधी भागती सड़कों से,
क्यूँ मोड़ों पर ला पटकती है।
गुनगुनी घूप के आँचल में समेटकर,
धुंध भरे रास्तों पर छोड़ जाती है।
बरसात की बूँदों के मधुर चुम्बन,
क्यूँ उफनते सागर में बदल देती है।
मदमस्त हवाओं की शोखियों को,
भयावह तूफानों की शक्ल देती है।
फिर भी यकीकन जिंदगी,
इन अनुभवो से ही अक्ल देती है।



It’s Thanksgiving today. He’s with his family, which is good. I’m happy for him. He needs his family. He has missed them terribly, and they are wonderful people. 313 more words

What ever happened to Leo?

‘Have you seen Leo?’  He had asked this question frantically to anyone who would listen in the 3 years since he had found the note – ‘This was always going to happen,’ was all it said.   430 more words