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Transitions - Fall 2014 Style

Today I am working hard to end my summer as I wish to continue my winter.   My summer was steeped in the expansive summer light of the mid-west and southwest.  345 more words


The Top 20 Lessons I've Learned From Marriage

The Top 20 Lessons I’ve Learned From Marriage:
(in no particular order…)

  • It’s important to apologize, even when you don’t believe you did anything wrong.
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Fanzines by Teal Triggs

Teal Triggs and her foolish publishing of the book ‘Fanzines’ is a demonstration of how not to respect others creations of art and design. This creates a lesson that can be learned from all about copyright and earning the rights to publish others works, especially to make a profit from it. 144 more words


Lessons from Surgery: Part One

I had surgery at the beginning of September. I am calling this “part one” because I am having another more major surgery on Halloween and I am sure there will be more lessons learned with that one. 634 more words


No patients? Why yes, food, I will eat you.

You know, I don’t think I will ever actually enjoy working night shifts. I prefer them to working 12 hour day shifts because when you work all day, you can’t get anything else done – most everything is closed when you get off work. 725 more words


Don't Say The F Word

I can deny it all I want. I can ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist. I can never ever say the word again but it will never just magically disappear. 111 more words