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Deriving Laws: Sine/Cosine

After our NCTM illuminations lab for the law of sines, we worked on practicing these. We spent one day solving for side lengths, the next reviewing finding angles. 130 more words


don't forget: you are human

I see you now.

Fear camouflaged by counterfeit extroversion.

I see you.

You can’t see me, as I’m years into your future; in fact, you can’t see much more than… 858 more words

On Being Human.

Put the glass down!

After reading an inspiring post by waiting for baby bird, (<—– a must read for sure!) I remembered I had the following story saved on my laptop. 333 more words


Five Minute Friday: Wait

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Gentle Reader,

I so look forward to Thursday nights and the FMFParty. I love seeing how God connects women from different backgrounds and places. 273 more words


01/26/15-01/30/15 Review and Insect Project

This week has been a little off in terms of the semester schedule. I’ve had a cold this week which forced me to stay home a couple of days. 178 more words

Color Theory

Things I learned in school

My art teacher always used to say “hard work always beats natural talent that doesn’t work hard.” And repeatedly that mantra has proven itself true. 458 more words


Full-disclosure February

February has never been my favorite month.

I do love Groundhog Day. To me, it is the first sign of thinking about spring. Whether it is six weeks or eight weeks or whenever Mother Nature sees fit, no matter to me. 1,161 more words