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Lest We Forget: English National Ballet at the Barbican Theatre, 12 April 2014 evening performance - Maggie Watson reviews

Thrilling, innovative and original, the programme Lest We Forget marks another exciting advance for English National Ballet under Tamara Rojo’s leadership. Following last autumn’s production of… 473 more words


Lest We Forget (Barbican Centre)

This four-part dance show in remembrance of the First World War is a bit of a mixed bag, with some excellent moments (notably in the first sequence, ‘No Man’s Land’, choreographed by Luke Scarlett, where the women wrap their arms round the men’s shoulders in mimicry of the straps of kit-bags, and where the yellow hands of the women workers flash around the ghosts of their men-folk following battle in the trenches; and in the last sequence, ‘Dust’, choreographed by Akram Khan, which uses snatches of the recording of Cpl Edward Dwyer from 1916 singing to the tune of Auld Lang Syne to accompany a powerful duet between soldier and nurse, poignant even more so when you realise Dwyer was only twenty years old when he died in combat shortly after making the recording), and some mis-steps – Russell Maliphant’s ‘Second Breath’ uses a distortion of Richard Burton’s reading of the Dylan Thomas poem ‘Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night’ which simply jars and distracts from the formation of bodies within the routine; George Williamson’s ‘The Firebird’ is beautiful and engaging, but does not belong here, within this theatre of war. 180 more words


Whats on in Dance - A look at Akram Khan's new work 'Dust'

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Alina Cojocaru and Junor Souza

Alina Cojocaru and Junor Souza, “No Man’s Land” from “Lest We Forget”, English National Ballet

Photographer Arnaud Stephenson


Lest We Forget: There Will Be Blood

“I drink your milkshake! I drink it up!”

I love it when a movie strikes you, punches you with emotion, without the characters saying any words. 265 more words


Alina Cojocaru and Zdenek Konvalina

Alina Cojocaru and Zdenek Konvalina, “No Man’s Land” from “Lest We Forget”, English National Ballet

Photographer Arnaud Stephenson


Lest We Forget

Kingsbury High School’s production, Lest We Forget, took place on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th March, with a special performance for invited guests on Tuesday 25th March. 377 more words

Kingsbury High School