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Have You Ever

“Have you ever?” she asked.

Her lips scarlet, her skin made more pale in the moon light. Drops of water clinging to her skin, eyelashes clumped together from the damp and fog just barely lifting off the water where we swam. 596 more words

Short Story


It’s back to the drawing board… And smiley face ensue. The other day runs throughout my mind. What a day indeed, the conflict of the session has me again looking for an exit. 276 more words

Day 12: Yoga for sadness

Thursday, day 12

It happens. Something ย in life happens that tears us apart. Maybe it’s a sudden thing, or maybe it’s an on going thing, but in life, many of us experience something that tears us apart. 982 more words

Why should I let go? Hmmmm...

I saw this photo on the Single Woman page.. Hmmm it caught my attention so I saved it on my phone.. Hahah This is for all those people who have been hurt in the past and have found difficult to move on… Good luck and hope to see you LETTING GO and MOVING FORWARD! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€


The Internet Connection

As outdoor enthusiasts we frequently convene here, in a virtual world, that seems utterly opposite to our passion of the outdoors, butย the internet allows us to share and bring together our passion and love for the outdoors. 393 more words

Words To Live By