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I love you and I'm letting go

I love you
You always be my first
But definitely not my last
But I m letting you go
I want to get out and be free from your world
and get my happiness back.


For the sake of story writing

You let people go because you know even if you continue, you wouldn’t be able to write the most extraordinary story. Maybe the most breathtaking stories only live in our minds. 


Passion: The Collision (Part 1)

The question that was left on the table was, “Is being passionate about being a good person and holding any belief as our own good enough?”  There are many different views and arguments regarding these questions.   349 more words

When it Rains...

There are certain things that can open up your soul, leaving you happier than you thought possible… one of them being playing in the rain. I remember, as a kid, splashing around in the soppy grass and running until I “tripped” and fell into the sea of water that covered our yard. 348 more words

Thoughts Right Now.

Letting Go

On the brink of change, sometimes I look into my past and see how it shaped me into the person I am today. I wonder about if I had taken a different path to where I am today, would I be a different person? 163 more words


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From KP

Just Exactly As They Are

I am going through a seismic mama transition. I told a girlfriend that I was running with at the beginning of last summer that I expected this to happen in a few years, but I did not see this coming now.   567 more words