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Thought Cancer

Many people suffer from what I call thought cancer. By this I mean that they have repeating thoughts which take hold of them and grow. These thoughts, often self directed but also directed at others, can take over the whole being. 349 more words

Thought For The Day

Restos de Abril

Llévate los restos de abril
Llévate los besos que jamás te di
los segundos de mi reloj
y este corazón roto en dos

Song: Restos de Abril
Band: Camila


Let Go and Let God

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been posting lately. Between school, work and band practices my schedule has been really hectic, but that has helped me come up with this new post. 399 more words

CHILL OUT !.... and let go.

When we suffer, it’s important to observe why do we suffer. We need to distinguish what is exactly hurting us. 99% of the time we suffer because we want things to happen in our own way, we want people to think or act in a certain way. 180 more words

On letting go

Working freelance from home, it’s important to step away from the desk to gain a fresh perspective. I’ve become quite disciplined with attending yoga classes three times a week. 451 more words

Goodbye Bulimia

It has been a long journey, hasn’t it?

Remember all those days when I couldn’t walk properly due to the fact that the amount of vomiting caused severe pain in my ribs, also making me cough up blood. 225 more words


The Zen of Shuffleboard

Hanging out in a 55+ community can teach you a lot about life.

It’s never too early for happy hour.
It’s never too early to paint a driveway. 405 more words