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Let It Go!

Today, I went to get my haircut and a slight ombre color. Nothing too drastic, just a little lighter. Those who know me know that my hair grows fast, and that every couple years, I cut and donate my hair. 230 more words

Letting it Go.

The more I read about being vulnerable and daring greatly, the more I’m reminded of this phrase: “let it go”. Why? It’s a phrase I despise, right down to my core. 184 more words


Let It Go

Hey guys! Here’s the third illustration from the Disney Princess series I’m working on. As you can see it’s time for Frozen‘s Elsa. Check out Rapunzel’s and Ariel’s illustrations… 100 more words


Let it Go (Parenting remix)

I wish I could sing. I’ve fallen a little bit in love with the Let it Go song from Frozen, much to my kids’ disgust. They keep telling me off for singing it. 500 more words


Frozen魔雪奇緣 - "Let It Go"

上年的聖誕,迪士尼推出了一部膾炙人口的温情動畫電影 — 《魔雪奇緣Frozen》。這電影迅即席捲了美英及亞洲各地,非常成功的口碑更為此片帶來超過12億美元的票房,成為了2013年全球最高票房的電影。這樣的一部電影傑作,一部男女老幼皆宜的動畫,你們應該也沒有錯過了吧!


如果你想重温一下電影的情節,又或是想再一下聽電影中的動人歌曲”Let It Be”,你不妨一看以下的短片。這一段韓國的製作透過了沙畫藝術Sand Art,將電影的畫面情景以一種新的手法來演繹,再配以原唱樂曲,效果確是令人喜出望外。

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Its time to let it go...

You said you will walk with me,

Promised me a future you foresee.

Always suggested I never believed you,

But the feelings, the promises have always been true. 100 more words


Let It Go - Mallory C.

When asked about her hobby; Mallory C stated, ‘people’.  When asked about her vocation, she said, “Lover of people”.  When asked about her family, she responded; “I am an older sister and am striving to be stronger, wiser, and inspirational for my sister”.
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