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I'm Sleep Deprived

Nothing new or exciting to really reflect or elaborate on today so just enjoy this song. I promise I’ll have something of value tomorrow! Good night, No One! 

-Hope xoxo 

Hope's Commentary

Elsa? We need to have a word...

Alright, everyone in the world has seen the disney movie Frozen by now and if you haven’t, you must not have a young child or you live under a rock. 845 more words


It's hard to let go - yet you must!

Tangan masih bau bleach. Keringat masih belum kering. Bagasi mobil sudah penuh. Penuh dengan memori. Memori? Iya, memori akan seorang anak yang selama 6 tahun ini mengisi hidup kami. 511 more words

Just My Thought

Hilarious: Best Man Gives Epic Toast To The Tune Of "Let It Go"

I know I know the whole “Let It Go” phenom is over and done with and you’re annoyed with seeing posts about the song. I promise I tried to resist posting this but after watching it I just had to. 111 more words


Frozen - The Review

“DO YOU WANT SOME MALTESERS?” yells the large woman behind me, either oblivious to the fact she’s sat in a cinema addressing her ankle-biter or couldn’t care less about the audience around her. 283 more words

Sick of Frozen? Let it go.

You can’t quit the song forever until you’ve heard this young lady belt it out. Meet the adorable and excessively talented Carrie Hope Fletcher. 96 more words


That's A Lot of Shit

Hello again!

I hope your week has treated you well since the last time we sat down “words to face” – or something like that in the manner in which we all seem to communicate these days via blogs and other technology-based messages.  5,083 more words