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She didn't know it.

“No ones hurt me more than you, and no one ever will…”

A bit of an exaggeration perhaps.

I love Lauryn Hill. More specifically I love her album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” For years I believed that I had a best friend, more recently I’ve officially come to the conclusion that this was a one-sided relationship and even moreso that it was never intentional. 197 more words


Road to Happiness: Letting Go and Drugs

I don’t even know where to start this entry. I am not a type of person who lets go. I am trying to find the right words to type. 853 more words


Stratigraphy is the study of rock layers in Zion national park.  Vacations are good for reflection or at least re-examing your layers.  

Not too many profound thoughts at Zion, except a distinct distaste for Hurry up and Wait syndrome which always happens in larger groups of people.   71 more words

Creative Mornings

Let it Go?

Now I’ve done it. Signed a book contract with Promontory Press and completed negotiations on a title and cover. At present I am awaiting their edits. 468 more words

~Lykke & Eudaimonia

It’s been three weeks since the death of one of the most hilarious men in the world. Of course you know I’m talking about Robin Williams.   681 more words



I feel like anywhere you turn these days there are negative people..

Co-workers, friends, family, it’s all over social media, people hating on everything. I understand if you’re having a bad day, we all have them, but when people are negative ALL THE TIME it really grinds my gears. 336 more words