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One of the hardest things to maintain in life is balance. I look at the person on a unicycle, on the tightrope, juggling while moving back and forth and think comparatively that’s life. 433 more words

Self Awareness

Enemies of Happiness- Indecision

1. Spend a few days noticing when the malady i.e. indecision bothers you? What types of things trouble you? Are they small things or big things? 280 more words

Let Go of Anger

Just let it go.

I personally have struggled with holding onto anger my entire life. I held grudges and dropped people as soon as I felt they had wronged me. 330 more words

rest your eyes

Rest your eyes,
go to sleep,
we will find
another day,
to make peace,
rest your eyes,
and let it go,
we will one day, 6 more words


Let It Go

I have decided that ‘Poetry-slam Sunday’ shall be a real thing. Realize that some poems are more recent and some are from my past, but I thought I should share them all, so that they will always last. 64 more words


Day 7: React to this term: Letting Go

Yo. I can’t believe it’s been three months since my last update in response to my “60-DAY-Challenge”

I confess, I felt completely stuck when I read Day 7′s prompt, … 1,158 more words

Spilled Ink

Leig às e anns a' Ghàidhlig || Let It Go in Gaelic

Tha an sneachd a’ gleansadh air a’ bheinn a-nochd,
Chan fhaca lorg coise.
Rìoghachd de leth-oireachd,
’S a rèir coltais is mi a’ bhànrigh.
Tha a’ ghath a’ sgalartaich mar stoirm tuneal nam bhroinn, 281 more words