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The Library and The Art of Being a Librarian

Education and providing the pathway to learning is now the inceptionĀ of a sale. Before people buy, click, or swipe they go learn. Which is where you come in. 55 more words

Ashton Gustafson


Melody released
Senses exhale
Consuming sound
All around
Is this heaven?


The Same Kind of DIfferent

The more I travel and share with people the more often I’m getting asked what to do.

“What should I be doing?” And “What would you do?” are consistently the most often asked questions during our post talk Q & A’s. 150 more words

Ashton Gustafson

Charleston, SC

I’m speaking in Charleston, SC this morning on making music with your life, family, and business.

Going for three years running now, Charleston has been called one of the best places to live and travel to. 50 more words

Ashton Gustafson

Music: What It Is & What It Isn't

Music is learned.

Music is made.

Music is inspired.

Music is intentional.

Music isn’t random.

Music isn’t made by chance.

And music isn’t created by the lucky few. 29 more words

Ashton Gustafson