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Its not like anyone’s going to rat on you, is it?

Julius Pepperwood

7 Things You NEVER Noticed In Famous Movies!

There was an article posted on Buzzfeed a few weeks ago about a MIND-BLOWING Easter egg cleverly hidden in Back to the Future, that the Twin Pines Mall became the Lone Pine Mall after Marty ran over one of Old Man Peabody’s precious pine pairings: 309 more words


Letters to the Editor: A Defensive Man [By Will Crosby]


The following “Letter to the Editor” is fiction. The incidences upon which the letter is based are not necessarily fiction, but may have been extended in a fictional manner. 1,431 more words


3 Must-See Shane Black Films

If an action movie has Shane Black’s name on it, I’m likely to go and see it. He mixes fun and thrilling action with sarcasm and wit that has me both rolling on the floor with laughter and gripping at my seat. 522 more words

Get the Gringo a very 80s style 2012 action comedy review trailer

This is another in my list of underrated and forgotten movies. I think this one more or less passed by movie fans pretty much unnoticed. All I can say is if you are a fan of Mel Gibson’s 1980s comedy-action movies such as the Lethal Weapon series you will love this. 686 more words

Movie Trailer

The Dynamics of the Buddy Movie

I’m on vacation. As such, here’s an essay I wrote for class during my Spring semester. We were assigned seven movies and had to compare the lot of them. 1,652 more words

Monday Morning Fun

I thought I would provide some fun for those of you that will be reading this early Monday morning at work. I was watching Lethal Weapon… 51 more words