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People have always said that the suicide rate goes up during the holiday’s. I’ve never fact-checked the statistics, but it has become such “common knowledge” that it’s a big part of the season. 135 more words


Christmas movie pause: Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon is a sort of Christmas film, meaning it isn’t really about Christmas but takes place during the Christmas season. It can be a nice change of pace if you’re starting to choke on too much… 85 more words


My Favorite Holiday Films (Updated)

A few years back I wrote an article listing my five favorite Christmas films, and it in review is pretty bad writing. And though I still stand by some of the films, I included… 837 more words


Top Five Crimes Against Christmas Trees

I know my readers were maybe expecting a top five list of boozy Christmas films, but there is something much more important to talk about this month.   185 more words

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25 Films of XMAS: Lethal Weapon (1986)

Lethal Weapon (1986)

Before Die Hard became the de facto Christmas action film, Lethal Weapon came in to introduce the world to the Christmas time buddy cop movie. 339 more words


What is the criteria for a Christmas film?

I know for my followers this is a break from the norm, but after a heated debate in the staff room today it is a question that needs answering. 161 more words

Making Friends In The Real World

When I graduated from college, I didn’t realize that one of the challenges ahead of me would be socialization. When I was in school, it was really easy to talk to people, make new connections. 803 more words

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