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Why Technology is keeping great action movies from been made

I was watching Lethal Weapon, for this first time, this weekend. I’ve seen all the other movies in the series but never the original. I really like the series as a whole and the first movie did not disappoint. 573 more words

Film Review: The Expendables 3

The Expendables 3 has the biggest roster of stars in the series to date, with the most notable additions being Wesley Snipes, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford and Antonio Banderas. 52 more words


The List Challenge: Ten Favorite Movies

Welcome to the Transformative 30! If you want a little info about what that means and why I’m doing it, here’s a quick mind-blurb. 1,170 more words

Transformative 30

The Expendables 3 Review - Prepare Yourselves, it's Going to be a Rough Ride

I think this young fella’s expression reflected my own during the second half of this film.

Sylvester Stallone stars in and co-writes the third installment of The Expendables franchise.   534 more words

Movie Reviews

Badass Grandpas: 'The Expendables 3' and 12 More Seasoned Stars

When Bette Davis coined the phrase “Old age is no place for sissies,” she may as well have been describing the plot of “The Expendables 3.” Written by and starring Sylvester Stallone, the ensemble film features a cast of mature action vets who aren’t about to trade in their bullets for bifocals just yet. 762 more words


Fifty of my favorite films in alphabetical order because countdowns are lame and pointless (films 21-30)

As we carry on through films 21-30 in my list you may raise an eyebrow at a few of the entries in which I used the entire series rather than one film.  2,513 more words


Lethal Weapon (1987)

*** 1/2 out of **** Stars

Jokes about those dated sax solos and diminishing results of mismatched buddy comedies aside, the first “Lethal Weapon” installment aged well in the intervening 27 years. 589 more words

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