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Flirting with Law Enforcement

My best friend in high school, John, and I had aspirations of one day working in the field of law enforcement. I continued to flirt with the notion, of starting a career in that noble profession, many more times thereafter. 1,209 more words

Ink Tank Holiday Special


A most happy holiday and hospitable New Year to you, true believers! Welcome to a special (very late) holiday edition of Ink Tank, where we jolly merrymakers are talking about the jolliest of all Christmas classics to be put to celluloid on the silver screen. 218 more words

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Lethal Weapon

After a particularly brow-wrinkle-inducing week consisting of: 50+ hours of work, 5 days of gym/running, a parking ticket and a very large, unanticipated medical bill, the “normal” life requirements like laundry, grocery shopping, sleeping, and keeping up with personal hygiene, all while attempting to maintain a relationship and social life- I found myself thinking, “ 369 more words


Dammit, Riggs

We bought the Lethal Weapon set. Oh yes. So far we’ve watched the first three.

Oh the bromance. Oh Mel Gibson’s hair.

The third film’s opening credits are to Sting’s “It’s Probably Me,” which smooshy adolescent me thought was incredibly romantic and older cynical me realises is frighteningly stalker-ish. 1,234 more words


"Lethal Weapon FN303 used against protestors" admit Turkish Police Forces

Turkish police forces had proven themselves to have almost no limits when it comes to suppressing anti-government protests over the years. One major example that has come to be known globally is the Gezi Park protests, investigations regarding which are still going on. 333 more words


The Top Ten Favorite cop shows and movies

If you’re wondering why we are mixing media on this list, the emphasis of this list is not on the medium, but on the specific branch of law enforcement, i.e.: the Police. 316 more words


Where the #@$% is Joe Pesci?

It might be because we just got back from the magical land of Las Vegas, took a tour of The Mob Museum or the fact that we watched  234 more words