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Reflections Part II - Transition from school to college and becoming a binge eater

My first love relationship happened (when I was in grade 12) and then came the unwanted and obviously shattering break-up a year and a half later. 363 more words

On sleeping, custard and Joseph Heller

Something I always loved about drinking was that it could put me to sleep. And not just any sleep – that warm, enveloping sleep where you are mildly conscious that your brain is mildly and progressively shutting off. 239 more words

Is there anyone else out there who is a recovering caffeine addict like me?

On April 9/14, after my last exam, I decided to stop drinking coffee and tea. At that time, I was drinking 3 cups of coffee/tea a day, I was getting 5 hours of sleep a night, I was eating terribly and I felt like crap. 204 more words

Mature Student

L is for Lethargy

Allergy season is upon us, and like usual, it is kicking my butt. I attempted to go on a girls’ weekend, but it got cut short due to death by nasal congestion and burning eye sockets. 148 more words


K is for Kinship Between Lethargy And Time

The dark art of laziness, in other words lethargy is an evil which many of us underestimate. It can be unbelievable to think how much it weighs down human potential and effects most outcomes in life. 173 more words


Too Much to Say

This is my first post.
I am a 22 year old male.
I am too often finding myself to be lost within my mind. A… 135 more words

Giving You the Skinny on Junk Foods

We hear over and over, don’t eat “CRAP”- Carbonated beverages, Refined sugars, Artificial sweeteners, and Processed foods. But it tastes good, is really accessible, and fairly inexpensive. 269 more words