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Probing Mood

Sir Newton never knew that his theories would be taught in each and every school and colleges all over the world..

Misha loved to probe into various theories and check its relevance in today’s world.. 283 more words

Funky Clunky


Bwuh.  I’ve been in a sort of creative funk the last couple weeks or so – you know the type that comes on the other side of finding awesome things, admiring others’ work to the point where all your own ideas start to taste bland and unexciting for a while, getting caught in a hyperanalytical loop trying to isolate the elements of whatever made this or that so effective? 54 more words


Haiku #8

The sun scorches skin
Draining all my energy.
Complete lethargy.



Yes, lethargy. Whats wrong with the world this week? Everyone is half asleep, unhappy or simply indifferent. I’m terrified it rubs off on me. Cheer up folks…..let go of the lethargy!

Dead of July

Bad Day

Insomnia, sleeplessness and counting sheep

I was sleeping perfectly fine till I got entangled in my own web. The net was my undoing. As is for most people :)

Till Facebook was limited to my laptop, I was doing good. 236 more words


Murky Waters

The past few weeks I have really what I am convinced is my rock bottom with depression, it hurts more than it used to and the sadness is much more profound and unbearable, I want to unload it all off and run but I can’t because this is my life which live in. 515 more words

Natural meditative stability.

In natural, uninterrupted meditative stability,
there is no dullness or agitation- how amazing!

From the Heaped Jewels
Tib. rin po che spungs pa

Daily Dharma Quotes