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Today is another exhausted day where I just want to curl up in bed and sleep. I miss my husband and his shift can’t possibly go fast enough today. 19 more words



When wordpress becomes a source of fueling your “triggered disposition”. Reading all these numbers of people’s current weights and daily calorie intakes isn’t good for my state of mind, normally it wouldn’t affect me at all but I haven’t had the best of weeks, stopping purging has meant my body is bloated and basically I have retained all the food I have consumed except for Friday when I purged but stopped myself after about two minutes. 79 more words

Homework Weekend

It’s almost one in the afternoon on Saturday and I have accomplished…nothing. I have posts to write, one to edit for the other site, housework to complete, and red highlights to put in my hair. 390 more words



Today I’m tired. It doesn’t make much sense because I had an okay amount of sleep, plus I had a nap this morning as well. And I’ve been resting practically all day. 39 more words

The beginning...


I am 23 and a little unsettled in life. I have a degree. I have an internship. I have a boyfriend. I have a great family and plenty of good friends. 494 more words


Beneath the Surface

That feeling where you have to use every bit of willpower you have to stop yourself descending into a panic – I hate it. Sometimes I literally have to withdraw into myself, I close my eyes and cover my ears and block the world out and wait for the feeling to subside. 311 more words

32. Winter and Summer

There was no stop to sleep;
The weather made my energies
A dull affair of black—
A fleetness to the sun, 30 more words