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LET'S PLAY: Heroes of the Storm Part 1

Below is our very first let’s play featuring Dacria and Cardak. We both recieved alpha access to Blizzard entertainments newest game Heroes of the Storm and decided we would give it a shot. 39 more words


Silent Storm -- Mission 7: Tactical Genius!

On our way out of the mission area, we’re attacked by that one last soldier who was left alive outside the walls of the compound. He doesn’t do any harm, and the moment he’s out of the way, the rescued Compton miraculously comes to his senses again. 1,353 more words

Silent Storm

IGN Plays Minecraft Ep 48 ft. Middle Of Nowhere Gaming

Guess what? One of our awesome writers, Scott Deisner, was featured on the newest episode of IGN Plays Minecraft!  Everyone be sure and check it out!   101 more words


Game On: Kingdom Hearts (Part 51)

Chris, Shaun and Michelle tackle the madness that is Kingdom Hearts! This is the 1.5 HD Remix version, which means there’s bonus content and shiny visuals. 53 more words

Video Games

"Illusion of Gaia" Retro Play - The Nazca Flying Gardens?

It’s no secret that the world from Illusion of Gaia is a strange variation of Earth, yet this latest video adventure takes us out to the Nazca lines, oddly enough on the same continent as the city of Freejia, where we are whisked away to a strange, garden-like area floating high above the world. 72 more words


Video: We Play Action Henk (part 3): Flappy Bird Conspiracies Are On the Rise.

Here’s part 3 wherein we discuss the ridiculousness that was the Flappy Bird craze, Plus, Henk’s got a great spread eagle.  There’s also some talk of erection sets, mom’s spaghetti, and some some headache inducing frame rate issues.

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