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Let's Talk About Sex: A Guest Series

Today I’m excited to be over at Brett “Fish” Anderson’s blog, “Irresistibly Fish” for the first installment of a 5 part guest series I am writing about sex. 96 more words

Let's Talk About Sex (Baby)

I know that probably 99% of my readers will be of the age that they take not bullshit about sex and sexual health. However there is that 1% that still think they either know it all or have already been given the correct information from friends and sometimes family. 1,469 more words


Open Communication and Ego's

Here’s the deal. You may or may not be the best someone has ever had in bed and it is OKAY if you are not. The way you do things may not get the other person off and that is totally okay. 477 more words

Let's Talk About Sex

I'm not saying we don't need men, but that's pretty much what I'm saying.

This is a whiptail lizard, or a member of the Cnemidophorus Laredoensis species.

They’re a species of entirely female lizards, who have eradicated the males from their population. 279 more words


Is Sex Such a Bad Thing?

People are quick to judge when it comes to one night stands and the like – but why?

Natural Selection:

As human beings, we are built to pro-create and spread the genes around; so it’s only fair that we seek the optimum mate to have children with. 416 more words


Transgender Shaming: Are You Apart of the Problem?!

You know that State Farm commercial, where the husband is having a late night phone call with his state Farm rep, and his wife walks in on him speaking on the phone? 1,353 more words

Race, Gender & Politics

#EverythingShaq #SexFacts #MaleSexualAnatomy: The Scrotum

Basic Info:

The scrotum, often referred to as the “balls” or “balls sack”, is really a layer of loose skin covering the testes, an internal “male” sexual organ that produces and stores sperm, the “male’s” genetic contribution to offspring, also known as a child.

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