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LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX: size matters

I Feel Bad About My Neck was the title of Nora Ephron’s last collection of essays, subtitled “And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman.” The male equivalent of such a book would obviously be titled… 481 more words

Let's Talk About Sex

LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX: porn sex vs. real sex

Here’s an amusing, succinct (less than two minutes), and insightful piece of adult sex education — and a useful corrective to the distorted impressions we get from pornography about what constitutes typical or normal sexual behavior.

Let's Talk About Sex

VloggerCrush: Hannah Witton, YouTuber, feminist, not a slut

Hannah Witton is a 20-something British YouTuber that we have developed a bit of a crush on lately. The University of Birmingham graduate makes entertaining and laid-back videos on topics ranging from relationships, sex, makeup  and movie reviews. 270 more words


Sex: You Don't Have to Say Yes... But You Do Have to Be Asked First!

The usual week of sexual health and support has arrived at my university! Earlier than most years (since its usually around the most amorous day of the year). 287 more words


VloggerCrush: Laci Green, YouTuber & sex education activist

Welcome to the first post of our VloggerCrush series here on McClung’s. Online video is slowly overtaking the entertainment industry and women are getting the chance show off their talents. 431 more words


Rape is the PROBLEM, Women are NOT

I don’t want anyone to say I didn’t give them fair warning, so here it is. WARNING: this post is about rape culture, it might be triggering for some people. 1,962 more words

Let's Talk About Sex