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Let's Talk About Manga

Ah, manga. Or Japanese comics or whatever you want to call them. Love them or hate them, they have taken the West by storm in the late nineties and there seems like there’s no stopping them. 531 more words


Listen Up!

One of the best tips I ever received was from my mum on when to announce your pregnancy. I’m not talking about the ’12 week rule’, I’m talking about properly ‘going public’. 168 more words


Tomorrow it may change

Seringkali kita mendengar kata mutiara “hari esok masih ada”. Apa sih sebenarnya makna dari kalimat itu? sebagai suatu kepastian atau janji kepada diri kita sendiri/orang lain bahwa masih ada hari esok setelah hari ini berlalu? 413 more words


This is Why I'm Hot

No, I am not referring to THE classic MiMs song, which, in case you forgot about I have included below for you…

You probably made it about 15 seconds into that video without turning it off. 86 more words

Let's Talk About...

Let's Talk About: All About Lily Chou-Chou (Review)

Ever since I discovered All About Lily Chou-Chou in 2006, it has held a special place in my heart. Along with Takeshi Kitano’s Sonatine, it is one of the first Japanese films I remember watching and – still unlike anything I have seen since – it remains to this day one of my all-time favourites. 1,118 more words

Japanese Cinema

Let's Talk About Yik Yak

For those of you who don’t know, Yik Yak is this app that has gained significant popularity at my high school. You can post anonymously about anything — and I meanĀ  309 more words


Let's Talk About... LIFE!

What do YOU believe is the most important part of living a happy life??