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The Matter of Ethics in Osteology

A wide-eyed stare or a long, drawn out “okaaayyyy” is not an uncommon reaction when I tell people I work with skeletons.That, or they seem to look at me like I’m a crazy person, possibly imagining I hang bones on the walls in my bedroom and associate only with the skeletons in the lab instead of with other living human beings.I tried explaining what I do to a religious woman once, and she promptly crossed me, muttered a prayer and changed the conversation. 1,152 more words


Drama Kisses

They can be really disturbing, make you angry and frustrated. Sometimes, they happen to be totally awkward and weird. And another time they’re absolutely to die for. 521 more words


Snoopy Snow Cone Machine (Review)

So my step daughter got a Snoopy Snow Cone Machine for her birthday. We were beyond excited to try it out. Although it took us some time to finally use it, I must say we were all disappointed. 371 more words


Pepero Day! Mmmmm

Learn about the unofficial happy chocolate holiday of Pepero!
November 11th!

Also I know I said cream cheese…i meant like a cheese cake flavor -.-;


Hyungs, Oppas, Noonas, Unnis and Dongsaengs

Certain terms in the korean language can’t be translated that easily because rather than naming something are they more like describing a specific kind of situation or relationship. 713 more words

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Flower Boys

People who’re into korean music and dramas definitly heard this term before. Everyone in South Korea admires these guys, every girl wants a boyfriend like them and every boy wants to look alike: Flower Boys! 462 more words

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Korean SAT!

The Korean “SAT” is extremely important in Korea as it can determine what college you get into! Hear a little about how important Koreans take it here!