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Virtual Painting Studies

I worked up a couple more versal designs on my tablet. I think these will at least give me a starting place for the week’s projects. 37 more words


DIY: Framed!

After a couple trips to our nearby Goodwill’s, I finally scored the perfect and inexpensive frame for the letter artwork in Landon’s room.

If you remember, it looked like this: 120 more words


Digital Versals

This all started this morning when Jean Wilson posted a quirky wrought-iron alphabet on pushing the envelopes. I doubt I’ll do a lengthy series of these, but I think it’s probably time digital art be given some representation on my blog. 17 more words


More Pepper Sketches

I don’t know what to say about this subject matter, except that I am still not tired of drawing peppers. I started drawing in earnest about a year ago, mainly because working in pencil is so much easier on my arm than certain tools of the calligraphic trade. 50 more words


Lapis Pages

Visual poems inspired by a piece of lapis lazuli I received as a birthday gift.


Amazing Typography Portraits

Words and letters can communicate in more creative ways. These portraits are amazing and I wanted to share them with you. I had to add the french fries because they are my favorite food! 34 more words

Design Talk