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How Did You Get Here?

No, not by plane, train or automobile. Something brought you to Crazy Good Parent. What was it? Another blogger? A Google search? And what would you search for that would bring you back? 7 more words

Crazy Good Parent

Discerning God's calling Part II

Trust in God’s timing and The timing of Your Life.

In today’s letter, I address how to transition from your Career to Vocational Ministry. Until now I still try to figure out if my ministry will be my occupation or if in some capacity my vocation will be the service of God and others in addition to a job that provides an income. 1,463 more words

Career And Faith

If anybody ever followed you anywhere - you are a leader

Yesterday I had opportunity to go to a global leadership conference, that focused on female leaders around the globe. The keynote speaker said something that made me realize that we lead ourselves every day. 164 more words


September Edition: Letter from the editor

Hello Kiddies,

Welcome to Aphrodite+Kidd’s Closet we’re glad you’re here.

Dani and I have been away for a long time, I could make all kinds of excuses and tell you about what’s going on in our personal lives that caused our neglect,but I’d rather move on and build a better relationship with you our viewers now. 357 more words

Aphrodite's Fashion

Discerning God's Calling

When God called You, assigned You a Mission or appointed You to minister, preach, teach; He did prepare You for the work of Christian service. 880 more words

Career And Faith

Letter from the Editor: Welcome Back!


Welcome! If you are a returning student, welcome back to IC and thanks for picking up this newspaper; you’re already back into the swing of things and making good decisions, such as reading this right now. 466 more words

Illinois College