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It's Not All Bad: Girl Power & The Sandusky Case

I know we focus a lot on how unequal things are for women reporters, especially in the sports sphere, but to say it’s all bad would be a sweeping generalization. 437 more words

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Sting sings his Fields of gold, in the background as I take a seat in a black couch at the car shop. I wait for my cup of coffee to cool down while Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam takes the stage. 279 more words


I'm getting worried...

My left breast hurts. A lot. There is such a sharp pain whenever something comes in contact with it that cost me my night’s sleep last night. 276 more words


Inspiration, or rather the lack thereof...

I keep going back to a state of restlessness. Where am I going next? Who will be there to meet and greet me? I don’t know where I’m headed in life, but I think I need a plan. 422 more words


Time slipping, like pearls off a sting.

Time is ticking. Soon I will be there. Talking to them about fears and hopes. I will be doing what I never thought I would. What I once considered to be a way of giving up has slowly become the one and only option. 68 more words


Letter from the Editor: Why is Everything Ending?

What’s worse than having one of your favorite TV shows end? Having two of your favorite TV shows end.

What’s worse than two shows ending? Having three of them end in the same week. 623 more words

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