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Lay the Track

Currently, the city of Milwaukee is in a heated debate in regards to building a modern streetcar downtown. I support this idea as it is an idea that has been debated for years and the current result of those debates is a sound plan implemented with perfect timing. 224 more words


Real Leaders Focus on Real Issues

I submitted this unpublished piece on 12/13/2014 when Republican’s in both houses of the Wisconsin Legislature began throwing around the idea of passing right-to-work legislation in the 2015 session. 331 more words


To Dream the Impossible Dream

After witnessing a debate during the gubernatorial race between Gov. Scott Walker (R) and Mary Burke (D) I sent this unpublished piece to the Journal Sentinel on 10/15/2014 regarding raising the minimum wage in Wisconsin. 417 more words


Faith in the State's Voters

This was a letter sent to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that was published on 9/20/2014.  A voter ID law was quickly being implemented just weeks before the upcoming gubernatorial election between incumbent Republican Scott Walker and challenger Democrat Mary Burke.   387 more words


SRS funding slash shouldn’t be a surprise

Editor’s note:  The following is the text of a letter to the editor published in this morning’s SHOSHONE NEWS-PRESS, written by Joan Block.

I opened the morning paper and read “Major Cuts to SRS program – We are on Full Alert.”  Really!  246 more words


State of the Union or How to learn to love Tax and Spend

To the Editor,

Given the rhetoric that droned about after the State of the Union speech, Tax and Spend is my favorite Republican hymn. Surely meant to disparage any democrats suggesting anything like a tax. 183 more words


A Letter to the Editor about my review of Dating Naked

All my Christmases had come at once when I saw this letter published in WA’s state newspaper, The West Australian, on December 20, 2014.

I appreciate the fact that Ron in Subiaco not only took the time to read my review of the finale of season one of Dating Naked, but he also got angry and took out his letter writing pen, bought a stamp and an envelope and posted it in. 136 more words