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The suspense is killing me...

I’m away from home until Monday and I KNOW I have letters to arrive. It kills me not being able to get home to see what’s landed on my doormat! Grrr!


Week #3 - Some music I like to listen while writing letters (part one)

Hello there !

I don’t know about you, but for me it is almost impossible not to have some music in my ears when I’m writing letters. 444 more words

A-Z of Compassion: One

O is for one; Compassion aspires

To change the world – one child at a time:

Through finance and prayers and the letters we write, 12 more words

Easter Happy Mail

Happy Easter Weekend.

I wanted to share with you my Easter Mail in a separate Post.

I had especially lovely Easter related mail- 1 #PostCircle & 1 #InstaPalMail this last fortnight. 53 more words


Snail Mail

This going to be a soppy post filled with love because I am writing in the afterglow of receiving snail mail.

There is nothing quite like coming home from getting your flu shot, carrying an armload of washing brought in off the line and finding a letter addressed to you in a friend’s handwriting, sitting like a Christmas present on your kitchen table. 170 more words

Writing love letters to strangers to make their and your day more special and meaningful.

Being a sentimental young thing I am a sucker for letter writing! I love the individualized and personal nature of creating a little letter for a loved one. 407 more words

Hannah Brencher

What's in Bethie's Post Box #25

This past year I have found a new group of girlfriends through my board game group. We are kind of like the Three Musketeers. Recently I had the opportunity to introduce them to letter writing and Pen Pals. 155 more words