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Breaking up is Hard to do: A Letter to That Boy Of Mine

Sifting through the thoughts of things I could’ve done and said; I find myself breaking. You’ve crushed me down into this fine powder waiting to be blow away at any moment. 676 more words

Mail pile

When I got home yesterday from my vacation in northern Sweden I found a huge mail pile waiting for me on my desk. My boyfriend had even sorted and marked (with memo sheets) the mail for me after the date it was received :) Here are some of the things I found in that pile: 186 more words


To You, From Me.

To: My Love

I did not love you. But I knew how amazing it would be to love you, and just the thought of it made me want to be a better person, to impress you, to please you, anything that might make you smile a little longer, or laugh a little louder. 185 more words

Personal Writings

A Few Words

I prefer to write a few words as you see. There’s no sense to say a lot if they don’t read it to the end. I can talk a lot to those who I find compatible with me and who find me. 104 more words

Letter from RAW

We are very excited to announce the opening on http://www.RAWPhotagePro.com!

RAWPhotagePro.com will be your one stop – shop for entertainment and Charlotte is only the start. 41 more words


Dear Ali

How could you do this to me? 


You knew I would see those photos on your snapchat story. You’re out having a fun time, drinking and hanging out with your friends whilst I’m at home in a constant loop of crying and calming down and crying all over again. 81 more words

Break Up


Dear Krystina,

I wonder if we’d be friends, if you were still here. I wonder if you’d mean as much to me as you do now, that I only have you as a memory. 236 more words