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To Nineteen-Year-Old Me: A Selfish Birthday Letter

Not that anyone is asking, but TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! Yay! *confetti* I decided to write this to remind myself of this day, one of the best birthdays of my life, although it’s a bit ordinary.  519 more words

Letter from Avery

I got this letter form Avery a while ago and it was quite possibly the coolest handmade envelop I’d ever received. I wish I could show you this but when I opened it for the first time, sequins exploded on me. 16 more words


Attempt Number Four

Dear Faithful Buglets,

I appear to have lost my way in life. Every ounce of faith I had in life, in people, heck even in God, is tainted with a shade of realistic doubt.  338 more words

Cup Of Tea

Strawberry Letter: Older Woman and Younger Man

“Steve I would like your help in this situation. I am 41 years old, my family is always upset with me because the men that I date are ALWAYS in their early twenties, I have tried to date men my own age but it never works out and when I meet someone that I like they are ALWAYS YOUNGER than me. 144 more words


A Letter For 'The One'.

I know you’re not the romantic type of person who likes to write (and read!) cheesy love letters but I’m still writing this anyway, hoping one day you’ll appreciate it. 151 more words


Day 4: A letter to your sibling

Hello my lovely cat people!

Here is a letter to my sister, I hope you enjoy.

I love you all~! <3

MEOW =^.^=


Dear Grace, 285 more words


Day 3: A letter to your parents

Hello my lovely cat people!

Sorry this is a day late, but anyway, here’s a short letter to my parents. Also, I apologise if this gets really emotional and deep for some of you, but this is my first, I guess, genuine and real letter about my honest emotions. 189 more words