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Je t'aime <3

Dans la vie, je n’ai pas beaucoup eu l’occasion de partager ma vie avec quelqu’un d’autre. Bien sûr, il y a des gens que j’aime et dont je sais la fidélité. 197 more words


There is no greater thing....(than knowing you Jesus!) phil3:8


Lord God you are supreme. You are my redeemer, my best friend, closer than a brother or a lover! Jesus you gave everything for me. God you even gave up your son for me. 262 more words


September 1, 2014




Dear Students,

Under the direction of Dr. Gladys M. Francis, the department of Modern and Classical Languages is continuing FRESH events: “French-English Social Hours” meant to create connections between Francophone students and native English speakers. 230 more words


I was thinking…about writing him a letter and telling him all the things I ever wanted to tell him: how much he hurt me, how much I cried over him, how much I missed him like I never missed any one that bad, how much I needed him to just be there, how happy I was around him, how much I longed for him, how i hated his guts for what he did to me…and ask him all the questions I’m never getting answers to, but I’m not quite sure it’s worth it. 25 more words

Thoughts On Him.

I Love You ... <3

During my all life, I’ve never really had the occasion of sharing my life with someone else. Yes, there’s people I appreciate a lot and some I know will always be there, but nothing can be more powerful than love bounds. 202 more words


Dear Friend,

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. I wonder how our lives would of turned out if you were still here. What would be different? 588 more words


Dear Preston,

(Reposted from December 9, 2013)

This past week you turned One, and boy, did we party like it was the first year of our lives. You had two Elmo themed birthdays with custom cakes made by my mother at ungodly hours, and a sugar high that made me fully realize why people turn to hard drugs as an adult. 152 more words