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[30-Day Letter Challenge] Day 12: The Person You Hated The Most/ Caused You A Lot Of Pain


Hahahaha! Grabe parang initials ko lang. =| Pero talaga, hindi ko kayo pwedeng paghiwalayin kasi SOBRANG SAKIT ng existence niyo para sakin. The mere thought of you two together made my heart tighten. 241 more words

30 Day Challenge

Bible Doctrine of Election-Contents


Part I-Bible Doctrine of Election

Introduction to Election
General Remarks to Disarm Prejudice
Some False Views Examined and Refuted
The Doctrine Defined, Explained and Proved… 51 more words


A Letter To My Children

I often think about the children that I do not yet have.  These children of mine are years and years away from even becoming a spark of existence, and yet, I pray for them, as their souls dance about in the beyond, waiting for the right time for God to put them into my life (which is well into my 30s if I have anything to say about it).   830 more words

The Bathroom Floor

Thank You For Letting Me Spill

I’m sitting on this brown colored carpet. It’s darker in some spots. Maybe I spilled something again? Or someone who had this house before? I can’t be sure. 656 more words

Love Letter Inside the Bottle

This might be a fiction or reality or maybe combination of both. You, reader, will decide by your own how you’ll perceive this letter.
This might be the letter every teenager with their abundant love hormone wish to write, but few of us dare to do it. 735 more words


Letter of Separation

A letter for someone who is really important to me

Letting go is letting them grow.

One of the hardest thing that I’ll be doing is staying away from someone who I really value like a sister.

43 more words

Romeo, Juliet and Spencer

Beyond a shadow of a doubt it is late – and frankly I don’t feel like writing to you but here I am. Odd really, because I’m tired and a little frightened and I just want to shut my eyes and go to sleep. 680 more words