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"Hurry, hurry, hurry."

When I was getting ready to graduate from college in 1957, I was fed up and ready to drop from exhaustion, but still my mind kept telling me, “Hurry, hurry, hurry.” I felt I had to  48 more words


Dear Facebook,
There is no easy way to say this. It’s been a while since I last saw you and that pretty much sums it up. 348 more words


Letter for a Bastard

Oh I’m sorry, did me working bother you? I get it, you’re busy. You must be the busiest man in the world, sitting there with your feet on the table, starbucks coffee balancing on your belly, playing solitary on your computer. 579 more words

Letter Challenge #7

A while back I made up a letter writing challenge that I was going to feature on my blog once a week. I concocted a list of 10 different letters to write to 10 different “people” and I aim to post one every Tuesday for 10 weeks. 476 more words


A Love Letter

Dear Krishna,

      How are you? I hope you’re always fine, like me. 

     I wrote this letter because I wanted to tell you what I feel for you. 123 more words

A Sister At Last

What you mean to me,
Is more than I can express
You see, I had no sister when I was little
To call when I was in distress… 156 more words


I have a request, will you please review this letter I wrote to my friend? Any feedback would be appreciated, sorry for the length

Dear Kyle,

            In a way, this is an apology letter, and in another way it’s a goodbye letter. It’s sad that you don’t get the apology until it’s time to say goodbye, but that’s often how I do things. 2,065 more words