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Ghost cales, Edinburgh

I’ve passed this spot every a dozen times on every trip to Edinburgh and never spotted it. I never cease to love ghost lettering. I’m not entirely sure if this reds CALES, or if there are additional letters missing. 7 more words


B & A, Edinburgh

Found below the window of a shop – Bell’s Diner, on the north side of the city. I’m yet to discover what the B & A originally stood for. 13 more words


playing around with letteforms!

This letteform alphabet was created based on the idea of gardening and the outdoors. I tried to use gardening tools and things i could find in the garden to construct my own alphabet, which could be used to create a sentence of quote. 10 more words


Golden Hare Books, Edinburgh

This recently relocated independent bookshop is a joy for anyone who likes books with a difference. It stocks a range of unusually and generally beautiful items as well as an excellent children’s section.   22 more words


Ancient Order of Foresters, et. al., Edinburgh

This example was found in the doorway of a shop on George IV Bridge. I love the palimpsest effect of the overwritten signage – a history of this place and the organisations that occupied the building over time in layered lettering.


...And then it rained forever.

This is our forecast. I am trying to think of this positively. We get so much green! Things grow! It’s not a flaming ball of fire like the other places I consider home! 844 more words

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