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For the typography

Wrok place for typography.

It should be fun 4month.


Dye House Lane: Ghost Lettering, Lancaster

This example is found above a door of a warehouse on Dye House Lane, Lancaster.

The lettering is so faded that it’s very hard to make out the details, although the words MEAL &, in a serif seems visible. 7 more words


Carlisle, September 2014

A recent trip to Carlisle and some more fine examples of lettering from this impressive northern city.

Location: Carlisle, Cumbrian, UK.


Brucciani's Ice Cream Parlour, Morecambe

A little bit of ephemera from Brucciani’s ice cream parlour in Morecambe. Built in 1939, it still retains much of its original Art Deco fixtures and furniture that includes wood wall panelling, red Formica tables and upholstered chairs, etched glass, mirrors and Deco clocks.

Location: Marine Road, Morecambe, UK.


Old Pier Bookshop, Morecambe

This large sign is on the side of the Old Pier Bookshop, Morecambe. A wonderful place. After a while, the apparent chaos of books seemingly piled up with no design, gives way to order, and all sorts of gems can be found.

Location: Clarence Street, Morecambe, UK.


Deadline Reminder for 9/8

DUE: Letterform: Part 3: Finals. Be prepared to present at beginning of class.
See original project description for more details.

DUE: Report Topic Selections. Research at least 3 options and come prepared with a list.  57 more words

Deadline Reminders