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Militia Barracks, Lancaster

The keystone to the front doorway of the Militia Barracks shows the date of construction, along with the Lancashire Rose motif and a crown. The letters are of an unusual design: a slight, spidery, script-like form that seems out of character with the robust scale of the building. 54 more words


Yates & Jackson - former Farmer's Arms pub, Lancaster

A seldom noticed example of lettering from the city of Lancaster. This stained glass window in found in theback stairwell of a pub (formally the Farmer’s Arms and now called the Penny Street Bridge) on the corner of King Street and Aldcliffe Rd. 43 more words


A Lancaster Ephemera: new publication

My growing obsession with  lettering and printed ephemera of all kinds, developed into an attempt to do some justice to the wonderful items that I was encountering –  the result, after two years of research, is my latest publication: 185 more words


Spiritualist Church, Lancaster

Lancaster Spiritualist Church on St. Bulk Road – Britten Hall (named after Emma Hardinge Britten, 1823-99). In 2007-2008, it was ear-marked for demolition as part of the ‘Centros’ development of the area, but the plans were shelved as a result of a public enquiry into the proposals. 12 more words


Ghost cales, Edinburgh

I’ve passed this spot every a dozen times on every trip to Edinburgh and never spotted it. I never cease to love ghost lettering. I’m not entirely sure if this reds CALES, or if there are additional letters missing. 7 more words


B & A, Edinburgh

Found below the window of a shop – Bell’s Diner, on the north side of the city. I’m yet to discover what the B & A originally stood for. 13 more words


playing around with letteforms!

This letteform alphabet was created based on the idea of gardening and the outdoors. I tried to use gardening tools and things i could find in the garden to construct my own alphabet, which could be used to create a sentence of quote. 10 more words