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The Client Part 2

We were sitting on her patio talking about myself and my life when she dropped a bomb on me. I wasn’t in San Diego for her. 1,945 more words


The Perils of Unknowing

The worst thing anyone has to go through is to unknow — to somehow unfamiliarize, to unlearn what has been remembered for a time. It’s the tearing of moments, the throwing away of memories, and the not-so blank slate that follows. 390 more words


A letter to my father

Dear Dad,

I’ve come to understand that you still express regret over the mistakes you’ve made as a parent.  Things that you feel you should or shouldn’t have done.   499 more words

Raising Children

The Client Part 1

I was still a mess. I couldn’t sleep a full night through. I was surviving on granola bars and kit kats.

The only decision I really made was to tell my Popcorn Partner that I wasn’t ready for a relationship yet and I needed time. 2,065 more words


Friday Letters: A Farewell to Lagrange

Dear Lagrange, 

We’ll be leaving you soon- as in one week from today. As you’d expect, I have a whopping ZERO boxes packed, which means it’ll be a long week. 531 more words


Wild 19 Reemergence

So I got sent home from work today.

I hadn’t been sleeping a lot. I was only getting a few hours a night. I happened to be scheduled for an early morning shift. 1,990 more words



Sometimes, I wish I could tell you that the world does not hold the right for you to carry it, as if carrying the burdens you go through isn’t enough. 75 more words