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Letters of Empowerment

One of the first projects we started with Perfectly Imperfect is empowerment through letters. We asked girls from all different walks of life to write a letter to someone, either a young girl or even their younger self. 919 more words


Love letter # 348

I’m sorry – but I’m calling it now rather than later. I can no longer pretend. I have played my cards. Declared my love and had it turned down. 434 more words

Paul Ransom

The Hidden Me

“The Hidden Me”

I wrote countless letters for you
Your name I put in every one too
I told you about the things I loved… 238 more words

Dear Dad // No. 3

Dear Dad,

There isn’t much I remember about the day you married Mom. I was three years old. I had thick bangs that hung level with my eyebrows and straight blonde hair streaked lighter by the sun. 801 more words


Ingrid's Letters : One and Two

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are all having a great start to the week. Things have been quiet around here for the past two weeks and, as usual, everything has hit at once and now I have multiple posts to write to get everyone caught up on my world of sponsoring! 251 more words


Letters to My Grandchildren - Mom's- Best Friends

Dear Grandchildren,

Who is your best friend? I know that many of you are going to mention a good friend from school, a neighbour, a boyfriend or a girlfriend, but I want to tell you that growing up, your best friend should be your mom. 500 more words

Letters To My Grandchildren

Love letter # 218

The end of isolation and bitterness does not lie behind a wall – it rests in the arms of love. The demons shall not be chased out by darkness – they shall be banished by the light. 47 more words

Paul Ransom