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An Old Break Up Letter

Last night I was browsing some old documents on my laptop searching for a spoken word piece I wrote a few years ago. I’m pretty bad at sorting work documents/school documents/and personal writing so finding a specific piece is like a journey through all of my folders. 872 more words

Love Is Rare

But it shouldn’t be.

Have you noticed that love is rare in your life? Don’t blame the people close to you. You’re the problem. You need to start changing the way you view people and act toward people. 33 more words


Dear N

Dear N,

I hope you’re happy in Boston, and that things are working out with your new boo. I think this move is a really brave step for you, and I’m glad you get to expand your horizons now. 374 more words

Dear D

Dear D,

Thank you for the TV. It is a very nice TV.

Thank you for the microwave. It is a very nice microwave.

Thank you for the dishwasher. 104 more words

Dear Carolyn (A Sort-of-Response to Mary Miller)

Dear Carolyn,

Aside from the occasional contact regarding the Colgate gig, we haven’t really communicated at all over the past several years. This, despite all the various means of communication available. 797 more words

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