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Of Death and Life

Of Death and Life

   What happens when life expires?

   This is probably the question present in all minds be it theist or not, and the truth is, nobody actually knows. 1,771 more words


Letters to Our Son

Have you ever wished, truly hoped for something to happen? Did you feel like you needed to “convince” yourself that it would. Did you start planning and living life as if the event was confined in the hands of time, imminent nonetheless?   702 more words

Gone But Not Forgotten

An Intimate Prologue

“Letters to My Son”

A mother’s diary to her unborn child

The first pregnancy…Can anything really prepare you for the arduous journey?  The simplest description for the time, “changes.”  We all go through changes.   713 more words

Gone But Not Forgotten

Stranger's Web

Stranger tides, caught in a web

Streets of my little cottage

Streets where the wolves howl at night

Tiny memory drops, there she came

Wiggling like the old worm we know… 43 more words


The Only Star In The Sky

Play me a song and sing me a melody

Tell me of all the tales told by the knights

Stare me in the eye, the wolf there is… 88 more words


letters to my son- we survived your first illness

Dear Atticus,

We have officially survived your first illness. After being a very healthy baby for 14 months, you got struck with multiple ailments. It started with a fever, then digestive issues and then a cold. 420 more words


The Rock in the Sea

I am that stone left in the sea without cloth and yet still the sailors find solace in me after a long sail and an Island I serve for those thrown overboard the vessels awaiting redemption. 246 more words