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Dear Rosalie, Change Isn't Easy

Dear Rosalie,

Change isn’t easy.  You are particularly stubborn and set in your ways.  Your bad habits die hard and your good habits don’t like to stick around.   217 more words


Dear Rosalie, Better Days Are Ahead

Dear Rosalie,

Better days are ahead. I can just feel it. You are so incredibly lucky. You have a loving husband, two amazing kids, and a house full of affection furbabies. 258 more words


Dear Rosalie, All is Well

Dear Rosalie,

All is well. I know things have been very difficult lately. Your fibromyalgia is severe right now. The pain is getting so unbearable that it’s keeping you from sleeping properly. 232 more words


love, me

Dear You,

For some reason, train rides make me nostalgic. Or maybe “nostalgic” is the wrong word. Can you be nostalgic for something that hasn’t yet happened? 659 more words

Growing Up

My Reality Spins

There comes a time when all that’s said and done makes no sense anymore. I don’t understand why my breath reeks of disgust in my own parenting. 216 more words

Letters To Myself

Letter to Myself: Elementary School

Hey there, Sal.

You’ve been through some rough times recently. I know, I was there. Being a kid is so scary sometimes. You don’t talk to anyone about it, do you? 684 more words

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My Return to Wordpress + A Letter to Myself

Oh, wow. This blog is a mess

Hi, there! It’s been a while (235 days, to be exact) since my last entry. The quick glance I took at my “about me” page and short array of posts very nearly brought tears to my eyes, partially from  630 more words