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The Story of a Sneeze

I’m not a superstitious person. Some may find that hard to believe considering I believe in astrology, numerology, palmistry and other occult sciences. But for most of my life, I’ve rejected superstition. 796 more words


Door #1

I’m a fortunate person. I’m healthy, I have a great job, I love my home and I have thoughtful and considerate friends like one Sultana Ali… 455 more words


The Fire That Keeps Us

We run away from ourselves too often.
Damn it! We run from each other all the time.
Our desires are the fire that keeps us from being expired. 239 more words

Letters To Myself

Dear College Grad Me

As I get closer to starting my senior year of college (that came fast) I wanted to write a letter to my future self about some things she needs to do as she prepares to enter the “real world”. 977 more words


The Reminder

From the moment my feet felt the carpet, everything went wrong. The dogs were being difficult. The little one made a mess in the house. The bigger one kept jumping up and pushing me in his excitement as I was getting his breakfast ready. 509 more words


Romanticism and silver spoons

you see me for who Iam …a mess in tales of vulnerabilities behind a carefully crafted facade of lightheartedness ….& you so very beautifully craft my story from the very depths of my despair making me believe in every word and just when the walls come crumbling down and I want to for the very first time …you hurry back into your world….teaching me a harsh lesson to never look back….and perhaps to believe that in this mediocre life at least the expectations were great

Was This A Mistake?

This entry here is directed to the ladies but men you can read on. One of my “flaws” sometimes is being nice, and girls, you know what I mean! 428 more words

Who Me Is!