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Don't Worry

Dear Laura

It’s me the older version of you here to teach you another lesson because I have learnt a lot in my time with the help of mistakes that we’ve made. 226 more words


Life is Worth Living

So there comes a point in time when you realize all you thought you knew, no longer matters since you really didn’t know it. It’s like there’s a certain amount of knowledge allowed per age limit. 1,286 more words

Lena Rai

... Stabbed in the Side ...

So life seems to calm down a bit lately. I am really hoping things get a touch simpler. I’ve recently had the big pain in the ass alcoholic move out of my lovely abode. 1,631 more words

Lena Rai

unspoken words

Silence, unspoken words, it’s not what you don’t say,
It’s what you can’t hear; it’s how it makes you feel
Two forgotten souls longing to be free

Letters to Myself

Letters to Myself is a recap of the week. It’s situations in my daily life that may have struck a cord for me. It’s also a time for praise, acknowledging my emotions and aiding them (if needed) into a state of betterment. 26 more words


Forever Grace....

The phone sits silent… I suppose that must mean you are now long gone. It took me a while to figure this simple truth … But I shall give you this that you’ve been good about it …. 121 more words

Letters To Myself: #1

So, i came up with this idea, that I should write letters for the future, letters to myself. I asked his majesty himself King Poddle (a.k.a. 534 more words