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"A Letter To Myself"- Entry 1

Dear Me,

It’s okay to be scared of the future. It’s okay. Don’t listen to the other people when they roll their eyes, or get frustrated because you go back and forth on your decision.

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Rewriting History- Shame On You!

We are a society that knows everything and nothing at all. We suffer at every turn with the “One Man Discovers” Syndrome, so he is proprietor of all what comes after, for example, Christopher Columbus, for us, Canadians, John Cabot. 296 more words


To The Fourteen-Year-Old I Was.

I was prompted to write this after finding an unopened letter I wrote to myself at fourteen, at the end of a writing program during the summer of 2011. 537 more words


14:00 05/10/2014

Dear Kaycee,

This is it. The true end. Hear that pounding in your head. Feel that blood boil in your veins. Feel that grit in your eyes from not sleeping and once again crying over something Mark has done. 1,471 more words


15:00 - 28/09/2014

Dear Kaycee,

Last night, well last night I don’t even know where to begin.

Yesterday after you woke from your lithium borderline overdose slumber, feeling refreshed and wrote yourself the previous letter, you left Mark asleep in bed as you went off to work feeling like it was the first day of something amazing. 648 more words


05:00 am - 27/09/2014

Dear Kaycee,

There comes a defining moment in every relationship in which you can either throw down or show down; and last night was it. As you lay in you room reading your phone snapped you out of the world of the Vampire Academy and back into the world where certain peoples minds appear to be ever more in turmoil than those in the books you read. 960 more words


15:00 - 15/09/2014

Dear Kaycee,

It had been a whole two days since you have last spoken a word to Mark before you broke your silence. During those two short days you’ve managed to convince yourself that what happened with Simon could not be held towards… 735 more words