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Dear Me,

I’m disgusted in you. You made some horrible choices in your life. You put others before you and compromise who you are. Do you even know who you are? 825 more words

What a Bruise Can Do to Your Self-Esteem

Dear Amy,

Do you remember last week when you fell down the icy stairs and later discovered a small bruise the size of a blueberry on your backside that later grew to the size of a smashed blackberry? 331 more words


When You Think 'Fuck It, I Don't Care Anymore' - A Letter To Myself

There’s this point you get to, when it feels like you’ve been working for ages but actually you haven’t, you’ve just been working really intensely, where you just suddenly give up on whatever the original goal was and decide to settle for whatever’s in front of you. 714 more words


what an awful time this is to live in,
with the human existence monopolizing the
resources of life on our planet.

there are too many of us, there’s nothing really more to say. 25 more words

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