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15:00 - 15/09/2014

Dear Kaycee,

It had been a whole two days since you have last spoken a word to Mark before you broke your silence. During those two short days you’ve managed to convince yourself that what happened with Simon could not be held towards… 735 more words


18:00 - 12/09/2014

Dear Kaycee,

You know the curse. The curse of the gay community and just how small it really is. There are people you know and people he knows and; there are those who don’t know you know each other. 363 more words


13:58 - 11/09/2014

This is it. The end. There can be no more! Please Kaycee!

So the whole Mark thing has finally taken the final straw. The straw that broke the camels back. 523 more words


10:35 am - 27/08/2014

Dear Kaycee,

There are somethings in life you cannot control no matter how much you try. Apparently, the situation with Mark is one of them. You have taken the moral high-ground and smoothed things over with him for the sake of living in the same house and not wanting any awkwardness. 332 more words


09:51am - 24/08/2014

Dear Kaycee,

You need to let go… Last night you got 2 hours sleep because your mind was working on over-drive thinking about Mark. It is becoming more and more clear that he is not the guy you thought he was. 341 more words


Enter thatlazykid, the Lord High Wizard of this blog!

Hello, people of the internet,

Just kidding. I know that nobody is going to read this. Well, I suppose somebody could. If they accidentially typed thatlazykid.wordpress.com into their browser. 247 more words


What's The Point In Winning If You Ain't Got Your Soul

Winning is the main objective. Winning validates us. We feel good when we hear the applause. Our hard work has paid off. Money, gifts and other things within our grasp. 536 more words