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The beginning

Welcome new readers.

I meant this blog to be something like a memories storage, in which I will be posting letters I wish I had the courage to deliver or the courage to even write them. 89 more words



Dear Mom,

I am not you. I refuse to be you. While I am forever grateful for the wonderful life you have given me, I will not walk in your footsteps. 115 more words

Maybe we should

“Maybe we should write more love letters. The old-fashioned kind. The ones laid out in ink on paper, rather than typed onto a screen and then cautiously backspaced. 94 more words

Choosing the Right Size Letter for Your Sign Project

Custom signs and banners are great way to get your message out and create brand awareness. When designing window signs, banners, or car signs, make sure your customers can read what you want to tell them. 145 more words

What are the possible economic costs of an increase in air pollution in Kamloops?

LETTER — On March 9, 2014, I gave a public talk sponsored by the TRU Faculty Association Human Rights Committee and the TRU Eco Club. The talk was entitled, “What are the possible economic costs of an increase in air pollution in Kamloops?” 277 more words


The Letters of M. Vernet --- April --- Joyeuses Paques

Ma Chere MoMo,

Joyeuses Paques, Happy Easter! The weather here is tres belle. The vines are greening on the hillsides. The lavender farms look like a blue-gray mist has settled over the fields. 409 more words

Sherlock Holmes

The Wolf Is At The Door: The Teeth of Obamacare

   The Independent Payment Advisory Board aka Death Panel is alive and well in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  However, there will be little media coverage on it since the inherent negative aspects would jeopardize the November mid-term elections, something the liberals want to avoid.  677 more words