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Mosquito bites

It’s an itch I can’t scratch.  When I scratch, I bleed.

I’m red all over, and I miss you.

We all miss you.

I don’t feel like I have the right to speak of you or even picture you in my dreams. 62 more words



Dear Fake Boyfriend,

It’s funny how our taste in Project Runway designers is so different, how rarely we both agree with the judges’ sentiments, and how disparately we vacillate between singing the song of Nina Garcia and denigrating her to a respectable degree. 70 more words


love letters.

really wish that guys would willing write love letters. not because they are being asked to, but because it is a cute and sweet thing to do for you significant other in your life… i have only once gotten a love letter in my life and out of all the guys thst i have dated it came from a 12 year old boy… Some guys may say well im too old for that or i dont like to do that. 120 more words


An Open Letter to Milwaukee: Thanks for the Memories

Dear Milwaukee—

Nearly two years after I first moved into my tiny little railroad apartment on your East Side, three stories up, surrounded by churches, Irish music, and limited parking, I’m moving out. 401 more words

Wild 19 Reemergence

So I got sent home from work today.

I hadn’t been sleeping a lot. I was only getting a few hours a night. I happened to be scheduled for an early morning shift. 1,990 more words


Today's letters: Honouring those who make sacrifices on behalf of the Jewish people

Re: Born In America, Dying For Israel, Allison Benedikt, July 24.
The connection between Jews, regardless of whether they are religious or secular, is that of an extended family. 1,820 more words

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"Say the Sound to get past the TROLL!!!!" - No Sew ABC and 123 Felt Floor Mat Game

This was another loved game in our home when she was younger. We would lay the ABC floor mats out on the floor. My husband and I would stand on a letter. 126 more words