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A Letter to My Soon-to-be-Ex Boss

Dear Soon-to-be-Ex-Boss

Thank you for dropping by the office today. Thank you for confirming why I’m glad to be leaving.

My head has been swirling for the past couple of weeks. 636 more words


Letters: Banned Whitecaps ad, rental housing, Meena Wong, airline fees, teachers' contract

Silly to ban that ad

The laughable hysteria over a harmless Vancouver Whitecaps promotional video reminds us again how easy the Internet makes it for bullies to flourish. 726 more words


Daddy's Little Girl

How to express the joy mommy and daddy are currently feeling. I can’t believe its you. YOU ARE ALL I DREAMED ABOUT FOR SO LONG AND YOU ARE REAL. 178 more words



V, or Victory mail, was a valuable tool for the military during World War II. The process, which originated in England, was the microfilming of specially designed letter sheets. 305 more words


Letter: CBC and local broadcasting

Re: CRTC calls out CBC, Sept. 13.

This recent article talks about the need for hundreds of millions of dollars to protect local CBC television. The CBC is not required to offer local television services. 188 more words


Health care funding

Your coverage of funding levels for the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit has focused on per capita funding as a way to measure whether Windsor is receiving adequate funding for its public health unit. 333 more words


Letters: Public service sick-leave cuts

PS sick-leave cuts were long overdue

Re: Tony Clement wants to cut public servants’ sick days to five, Sept. 12.

The government’s plan to modify public service sick-leave entitlements is long overdue. 319 more words