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Letters to My Daughter: (S)uccess

Hey Sweetheart

Wish you a very happy birthday. You are 18 today and that means you are no longer a kid but an adult. Whenever I look at you all that I can see is that little girl you once were. 233 more words


"I taken the flu...have been in the hospital every since..."

[This is 13th in a series of letters written by Private A.L. Gooch to his family in Duncan Arizona, while a part of the American Occupation Forces in Germany after WWI.   145 more words


my dear
my darling
Let the dead
Be dead


Letter #17- Inadequacy

Dear Chris,

Lately I just keep having these feelings of inadequacy. I suppose every person goes through them at various times of their lives.

Am I a good enough mother? 520 more words

Today's letters: Fights have no place on ice

From the hot springs of Banff, to the tundra of Churchill, to the rocky shores of Newfoundland, there’s no shortage of sights to see in this great land of ours. 2,227 more words

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Sad Legacy

Dear LetterBalm: While I was dating the man who has become my husband, I got pregnant. I was anxious and frightened. For many reasons – not just financial – we decided we couldn’t keep the baby, and I had an abortion. 415 more words


Dear Rick

I’ve been trying to call you and message you, but you don’t answer so I thought I would write this letter to tell you all the things that I have wanted to say to you. 426 more words