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The last letter war

One of my happiest deployment memories is receiving mail at a train station in As Samawah, Iraq in 2003. Our unit had been in Iraq for about a week, and we had just experienced combat for the first time – a liminal event, if there ever was one. 733 more words


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One of my first posts, wondering what it would be like to deploy in the digital age. Well, my suspicions have thus far been confirmed.

The First Letter

Slicing herself into me,

All my words,

All my thoughts,

Distilled into one word…



Letter: The human face of ALS: living the Ice Bucket Challenge

Re: Why dump on the Ice Bucket Challenge?, Aug. 19.

On Remembrance Day, Sunday, November 11, 2012, my sister, Suzanna Chudczak, passed away from ALS in Toronto shortly after 10 a.m.  403 more words


Dinner, By Deanne

Dear Mum,

Today was a pretty quiet day. Deanne is feeling a bit better so we both did some housework, washing, vacuuming, etc. while Joshua cut some shapes out and coloured them in. 239 more words


कुछ ढूंढे नया

चलो हवा के लिफाफों में,

ढूंढे नई चिठ्ठियाँ,

आती जाती इन लहरों पे,

छोड़ें कागज़ी किश्तियाँ,

रास्तों को फरमाइश पे,

दे दें पगडंडियाँ,

हर छोटे बड़े झोंके पे,

टंगे अपनी घंटियाँ,

चलो हवा के लिफाफों में,

ढूंढे नयी चिठ्ठियाँ ।

Playing With Words

i will make this as weird as possible

Does anyone wanna be pen pals or something?
I want to send people mail.
Or like free original art/poems.

Is anyone earnestly interested in this? 10 more words

Where Are You When I Need You?

Where Are You When I Need You?

Dear Future Wife,

I’ve never been afraid to start over. I’ve never been reluctant to cut all ties and start from scratch. 167 more words

Mental Erotica