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If you were here

My Dearest Love,

It’s stormy today; thunder and rain – the breeze is breathing romance. I opened the windows that Mother Nature’s fragrances can linger within our home. 143 more words


Thorpe Family Letters (15)

This series of letters begins the month of November 1917, in the first letter Percy talks to how rough the fighting has been especially for people like himself on their “first time out.” 93 more words


Ketchup Clouds review

Ketchup Clouds is a series of letters written by Zoe to a death row inmate called Stuart confessing her guilt over a death of a close friend to her. 130 more words

Book Review

An open letter to all single ladies

Hey beautiful,

I may sound crazy if I tell you that being single beats being in a relationship any day, but it does, not every time, but almost always. 207 more words



My dearest Lisette,

Dreams are the cruelest device of the human heart. It is in dreams that I can see you, and you are near me once again. 586 more words

Why do we save letters?

I often question why I save letters. I have little notes my husband wrote to me when we first started dating, cards my father sent to me while I was in boarding school (my favorite one says “I picked this one just for you” with a little girl picking her nose on the cover), letters from camp, and letters from my grandfather tucked away in the cookbooks he left to me when he passed. 103 more words


Say "no" to higher liquor costs

It seems like every year or so we are subjected to a study produced by some right-wing think-tank telling us that we pay too much for beer, wine and spirits. 291 more words