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A Second Letter

October 21st

Dear Youth,
I saw your tears today and wanted to help you but you wouldn’t let me. I saw your face when you told that girl with the pretty smile, “I only have one thing to say to you, I love you more than life itself, that’s all” and walked away.

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A Hasty Note

I cannot believe this! You had been chief among my servants, my most trusted and, I had presumed, most loyal!

Your betrayal would have been grounds enough for me to curse you, but to accuse ME of impropriety is beyond the pale! 75 more words


On the back of a calculator

Today we used calculators in class. Usually there is a sticker with a conversation chart. Someone peeled this off and wrote a tale of woe, love, life, betrayal and disrespect. 117 more words


Type Hype 2

After the talks on typography today we had to create four pieces of work. Each piece had to be six drawings of the same letter focusing on the different details such as serifs, ascenders, descenders, counters etc. 84 more words


Time for a short catchup...

Wednesday morning and I’m a little scatty sweetlife; after a strange night waking in the middle of the night I’m a  bit Blah here today; but nevertheless, delighted to see a sign of life which is extra incentive to make it go right and hop on over here and say hi to you. 169 more words



This ia a heartfelt letter of apology to you- yes you in particular. I have been away for longer than i planned due to circumstances beyond my control. 136 more words


The Dumps

Dear Jay,

I wish I could give you a BIG hug right about now, Jay.  I know I would have comfort and love in Your arms.  410 more words