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Just because you CAN does not mean you SHOULD.

Dear Blobby,

I am deeply sad now, very, very sad. It wasn’t my intention to hurt anyone, not even myself. Blobby, I know I’ve caused it, I’ve made a decision without thinking well, without weighing things properly. 165 more words



It’s at night when I’m leaning towards
The ear
Wish upon whatever star might clarify
The moon’s speech
Because I think she may heed answers… 190 more words


Grace Notes July 31, 2014

Coming home, I no longer recognize its whereabouts. Yes I know where the pans are kept and where to find my shoes. I know how to turn on the hot water or run the washing machine. 67 more words

When in Doubt, Eat Goldfish...

I have my legs propped on my bed and I’m leaning back in my computer chair. To the left of me is a 6.6 ounce bag of cheddar goldfish, and a cold can of Coke. 1,204 more words

Honesty is Freedom - an A quote

Today was the first day in weeks where I have finally felt some sort of peace and calmness about everything. Thank god. Honesty is indeed freedom as A said to me today. 450 more words

Life In My Own Words

Autobiographical #6

Letting go isn’t
the absence of

It is the excess.

It is the act of carving space into one’s soul
only to find that no one will fill it… 8 more words

Sleep Away

A boy
in a tent
away from

his mother
the sky
for rain.