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Let go of the Past

Letting go makes you stronger and more peaceful. It allows you to focus on what you need to do to live in the here and now. 48 more words

Ryan Hite

Should It Stay or Should It Go? The inherent power of de-cluttering

Wow—what a summer it has been!

Summer, or Pitta time of year, is naturally a time for a fluttering of activity. The power to “get things done” is amplified, as the heat of the atmosphere quickly warms the body and the mind. 949 more words


Nimue and revdarkwater have returned from what her mother wryly observed was perhaps less of a vacation than a “family experience.” Actually, they got home a few days ago, but engaging with the full What I shed today routine has eluded him … till now. 179 more words

Daily Shed

It's Nice 2 Meet U Again.


So, you’ve been getting drunk and going out with friends to sing karaoke and dance at night clubs. In those moments you really feel infinite. You can’t feel the heartbreak. 358 more words


Beginning Again.


I asked your mom for your address a week ago, and then nothing. Because a part of me doesn’t know what to say to you.  I don’t want to say anything. 279 more words


In a Whisper or a Shout, Owning It All

Through fear.

Through judgment.

To own it all.

But how?

In Through Fear and Judgment To Own It All, I Dare You I wrote about how the ownership of my story, of all of our stories, is done not without major fear and not without facing judgment. 470 more words


This is the Last Time...

I love this song. I love Gary Lightbody’s voice. Snow Patrol is one of my favourite bands and I think him and Taylor Swift do well together in this duet. 11 more words