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chapter titles in my book of life (part 2)

(To read the first 2 defining moments in my life check them out here.)

Now, lets just continue with the last three:

Defining moment numero tres:                                                                                                       1,352 more words


To Me from Me....~What's in my soul~

Dear Greal Warrior,

For too long I have stood back and watched you let other people determine what is best for you. The time has come for you to take the reigns in your own hands and find out what it is your soul is telling you. 238 more words


You are such a control freak!

I had an epiphany today.  I have been having a lot of those lately.  It’s kind of cool, sometimes overwhelming.  But today….today I discovered that I am a control freak.  742 more words

Mindfulness Practice

When the memory of them becomes better than the reality of them, it’s time to let go.

- @soainspired


in the past (tense)

I finally understand why some people don’t keep photos, brochures, or other memories.  The realization hit me as I was browsing through a friend’s blog, when she wrote about what had happened to her these past few weeks– how she believed in the end of something, only to find out that it had to end, period.   617 more words


I want to be a failure in life. I want you to be one as well.

Stephen Covey once wrote: The deepest need of every human being is the desire to be understood.

This need is greater than our desire to be loved. 365 more words

“Synchronicity is a delicate balance between Surrender to Divine Will and Courage… ” – Imani Nia