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side effects


i don’t sleep.

it’s amazing how a body can function with little to no sleep
i was always exhausted with you…
and now i am exhausted without. 251 more words


It's funny how we can feel apart from this world. We are, by our mere presence, an integral part of it.

It’s been an interesting day to practice observing the present moment, and my presence within it. Every time I caught myself with a brief moment to spare, I tried to pause what I was thinking so that I could remember this big, beautiful world we live in. 117 more words


Self Examination

At the moment is seems a lot of us are undergoing some very deep self examination, I, for one know I am for sure and it happens to even be “written” in the stars.  1,378 more words


Moving On In The Age Of Social Media

As many of our readers know, I have previously written about letting go of anger and finding effective ways to move on from the emotional scars left by past experiences.  923 more words

Living Well

The New Book

At long last, and with the gracious support of the Angels every step of the way, this beautiful book is now published and available all over the world.

To buy now click here.


The Words I Didn't Say

Tonight when we talked, I told you about my life here. I told you about school, and about work. I told you about my travels, and the people that I had met along the way. 272 more words


how ace the german shorthair pointer almost spent easter in dubuque, iowa.

Okay, bear with me. There’s a bit of back-story required with today’s blog. And it’s these very details that I used to try to desperately to avoid. 340 more words