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Homestead Nicoise Salad

Green salads are a wonderful creation.  They compliment a light lunch and help provide balance to a hearty dinner.  For the grow-it-yourself crowd, they are something to be celebrated.  334 more words

Green Beans

Lettuce box

Mazur lettuce box planted quite thickly as I hope to eat the tender leaves.


Business: Costing A Lot Of Bread To Buy Lettuce

Farmers out West say that the ongoing drought is forcing them not to plant crops–and that’s running up prices. And reports of yet another security breach–this time at a major arts and crafts store. 33 more words


English Muffin Taco Recipe

Since the beginning of my relationship with Greg, I have chronicled all of our recipes in a little notebook. Each recipe comes with a story of the making and little anecdotes of our day-to-day life. 586 more words

The Beginning

April 17 Update

Planted some more tomato seeds to make up for the ones that didn’t sprout.

I have one pepper sprout. They do take a long time and some seeds are so old they are probably duds. 62 more words

Garden 2014

So what’s new in the garden?

I have a guacamole patch growing in a pot.

What’s that?  Well, that happens when you have an avocado tree and it’s growing in the same pot as your tomatoes are. 1,062 more words

Two Steps Forward

Gah! Will this winter never end? Last week it was sunny and in the 60s, then it started to rain – a lot – and now it’s gone down to near or below freezing. 179 more words