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My Fantasy Life in English on the 3DS started today!

Months ago I wrote about the decision to import a Japanese 3DS, and one of the reasons to do that was that I felt I had waited long enough for the game that Level 5 had released in Japan in 2012, and that didn’t seem to be coming to the West. 523 more words


Hino Wants Level 5 To Be More Like Disney

Level 5’s president, Akihiro Hino, says that he wants the popular game studio to become more like Disney and wants to do it in 5 years. 22 more words


Hino Says He Wants Level 5 To Be More Like Disney

Akihiro Hino, the president of Level 5, has told a Japanese gaming publication that he wants the acclaimed studio to be more like the iconic Disney. 31 more words


Fantasy Life

I know most of you are playing Super Smash Bros at the moment, but I’ve opted for a different game on my 3DS. If you hadn’t guessed, it’s Fantasy Life from the guys at Level 5, who are also responsible for… 1,079 more words


Task 2 - Identifying Conceptual Branding

In marketing, advertising and sales branding is a vitally important component as it is used to make the product relevant or appealing to the target market. 46 more words

Level 5

Task 1 - Defining Markets and Understanding Consumer Needs

This project our classes(Illustration and Graphics) have been tasked with planning and hosting a halloween party for fellow students, in order to do this we need to look at our target audience and conduct market research in order to be able to meet consumer needs. 383 more words

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Task 4 - Video Games

This weeks task research a form of technology and how it effects its consumers.
My options were:
– Social media; how it effects people
– Video games; if they are a cause of people acting violently… 16 more words

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