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Level Design - Game Design in Miniature

This project was definitely one of my favorites when it came to the Level Design classes in Full Sail. I was placed on a team with four others and we were tasked with creating a fully playable level. 457 more words

Level Design

Aesthetics and Exploration - Valley

This project was my first foray into 3D development in the Unity3D engine. With somewhat limited programming knowledge and just a bit of guidance I was given a few weeks to create a simple level. 265 more words

Level Design

Abandoned City

For this level we designed a city that has just recently become safe for humans to enter again. It had a nuclear meltdown and the radiation levels have just recently been reduced low eneough for humans to enter. 156 more words

Level Design

Shanty Town

I was tasked with creating a level  for a game idea that was provided by the instructor. I was provided a meshes, materials, and other art assets by the class instructor. 81 more words

Level Design

Level Design

Since post one I have added a few more things! Firstly, I added a basic menu select screen. It looks really bad, but it will do for now. 224 more words


Winding Down

Hello everyone, KrimsonStorm here. Last week was the last week of class, and that means the beginning of final exams and projects. Most of this week’s work was devoted to cleaning up what I have so far for presentation on Tuesday. 263 more words

Senior Thesis

A foot in the water ..

If you are reading this, thanks for sticking with my projects, because I know its been a while since I posted!

I have been busy however and some decent progress has been made on my gothic metroidvania project which I’d like to share with you now .. 245 more words

Game Development