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Project "Totemic"


Theme Park

We’ve been tasked with creating a Game for a course called Theme Park. This involves building a game cabinet and then design original and interesting controls for said cabinet. 630 more words

Self Initiated Project, Research - Chivalry Architecture.

I looked at some of the architecture in the map Stoneshill on Chivalry Medieval Warfare because it’s a similar look and design to what I have been planning, here are some screenshots I got.. 52 more words

Year 2

Self Initiated Project, Research - Chivalry Medieval Warfare.

Chivarly Medieval Warfare is an multiplayer action game devolved developed by torn banner studios and is based on the Half Life 2 mod Age of Chivalry made by the same developers. 674 more words

Year 2

Jungle Parallax

Here’s my latest work from my motion graphics class. It is only 8 seconds but I bet I put in somewhere around 16 hours into making it because I drew everything that you see there and had to make the animation work well. 9 more words


UDK Game Design



This was a group project where we created a game in UDK.  The second document is our level design document.  We had a month to work on this project.


Level Design Pecha Kucha

This is a Pecha Kucha for a level I designed in UDK in less than a month.  It gives the general idea of the story of the game and the objective.   17 more words