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Level Design Using the Elements and Art and Principles of Design (Part 1)

I’ll start this post by saying that I’m not an artist, but it’s important as a game designer to be well-rounded and understand both the technical and creative side of the development process. 1,108 more words

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Prior Work Example - Forgotten Depot [UT3 Map]

This map was my second public release for Unreal Tournament 3. Website 3DBuzz.com were running a contest called the “Old School Unreal Map Contest” or something along those lines. 526 more words

Game Development

Week 5: Alex Fatemi - 6 hours

This week I worked on two things in specific. Firslty, I was told to come up with some uses for the shield tool. The shields only functions are to block in the direction of the player and to let the player slide along the ground. 301 more words


Scenic Tour: Clifftop City - Part I

Cities are always tough to bring to life virtually. Anyone who knows and loves a city somewhere in the world knows their city is alive. It ebbs and flows and breathes, and buzzes with a subtle energy in a thousand different ways that makes it unique and makes it home. 413 more words

Neverwinter Nights 2

Prayers of Armageddon: Retaliation - Difficulty levels!

Here’s a quick update on Prayers of Armageddon: Retaliation.

For the first time ever in a Doom wad created by me, Prayers of Armageddon: Retaliation is going to have custom difficulty levels! 164 more words

Level Design

Block Gun 3D - Call of Destiny: Desert Disaster Level

I recently had the pleasure of designing the “Desert Disaster” level for Block Gun 3D – Call of Destiny.

This level features a crashed ship in the middle of a small desert town, and is designed to be playable in several different modes. 273 more words


Week 4: Alex Fatemi - 5 hours

This week we gave our project pitch, and it gave us some good feedback.

Mainly, we need to work on really bringing home that sense of scale and isolation in the environment. 204 more words

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