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My foray into Blueprints has led me down an involving and complex route and taken me off to the side for about a week. It was only this morning that I realised that not only was the work I was doing not going to help, it would pretty much put an end to the design that I created at the start of this module. 1,100 more words

Games Design

Techy Tech Finished -- Almost!

Over the weekend, I finally got to work and finished the layout of this stage. It took a while to lay out the tiles, add in the lasers, debug the lasers, and make the background parallax, as well as making the (3) musics that’ll be used in the stage. 377 more words

Behind The Scenes

The Ultimate Mixed-Bag: Dragon Age II

The release of Dragon Age: Inquisition is upon us. Bioware‘s third in its series of medieval fantasy role-playing games looks impressive, and has already amassed… 989 more words

Video Games

Randomised Level Design

The latest project that I have had the pleasure of working on is a top-down shooter being developed by Ludus Empire. For this particular title, I am once again in charge of level design. 785 more words


Week 8: Jacob Cook - 7 hours

1.5 hour – finalized the level design for the first playable

2 hours – Researched possible solutions for moving terrain, sliding on the shield, tool swapping, and item collection. 21 more words

Concept Art

Techy-Tech's foundation.

Okay– development slowed again. There aren’t many interesting things for this post, but for the sake of an update — this is what I’m staring at, right now. 160 more words