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New outdoor map concept art

I’ve been doing a bit of concept art for the next map I’ll be working on. Unfortunately, my concept art isn’t very good, but should hopefully give you an idea of what I hope to achieve with this map. 66 more words

Progress Update:Mapping


Since my last update, I’ve been working on various different areas mapping. So far I’m more than half way done and expect to be done by Wednesday. 52 more words

Event Scripting

Week Two

This week, I decided to scrap my initial attempt a white box and start over. Which was fine, since there were only two rooms to it anyway, but I needed to revert to a clean slate so that I could really put some thought into the structure and layout of the palace. 617 more words

John Romero's golden rule

In under 3 minutes, John @romero will teach you his #GoldenRule of #LevelDesign in #gamedev.

Video Games

Quake2World map: In the arms of Lilith -- 1vs1

lilith — In the arms of Lilith

A great tourney map for q2w. The Q2 edition of this map was originally built for the 6th mapping contest at the Quake 2 Cafe, but the map was designed and tested with Quake2World from the very beginning. 205 more words

Level Design

Quake 3 DM map: spirit3t2 -- Better off dead

spirit3t2 — Better off dead

An FFA or 4 player TDM map designed for CPMA (also playable in vq3 of course). Uses the e8 and mkoxide texture sets and includes some sweet CPM jumps. 100 more words

Level Design