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Block Gun 3D - Call of Destiny: Desert Disaster Level

I recently had the pleasure of designing the “Desert Disaster” level for Block Gun 3D – Call of Destiny.

This level features a crashed ship in the middle of a small desert town, and is designed to be playable in several different modes. 273 more words


Monster Crystal V2


This is the new and improved Monster Crystal design. This fixes a couple of things that were wrong with the original. There was a glitch that would cause you to warp to the same area instead of between areas. 61 more words

My Rig

Over this past weekend I had some free time so I started building a design I’m working on using BSP in UE4. I can’t tell you how satisfying it was to finally start working on a map again! 177 more words

Altopia Level: Document and Postmortem

As a final project for my Level Design I class, I was told to make a level in the Source Engine. The project involved making a level about a heroine investigating a city in the far future while being attacked by robots. 1,478 more words


New Stage, but an extra thought.

Introducing Dreamy Skies. This stage gladly took just the weekend to finish, because I’ve been stepping against the distractions of the internet and simply created what I needed to make, which included the background, the music, and the stage itself. 72 more words

Game Design

Friends in Unlikely Places

Found a better way to transfer .map to .obj after reading the tip somewhere on quake3world.com. Instead of q3map2 one loads the map into Q4Radiant (of all things) and then simply select everything and export selected as .obj. 92 more words

Monster Crystals

Time: 45m

I played around with RPG maker and managed to make what I’m going to call a Monster Crystal. These are crystals that, in the game world, prevent monsters from attacking the player. 154 more words