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TAG - Manchester

The timetable for this year’s TAG conference (Manchester) is now available. I will give a paper in the session “Assemblage and Archaeology” on Tuesday afternoon, December 16, 2014. 260 more words

Mayanist Studies

“Deleuze, following Bergson, advances a substantial critique of the category of possibility, arguing that the dialectic between the possible and the real is unable to give any account of how the real is realized insofar as the real in no way differs from the possible.” – “That is, accounts of realization are unable to explain what the real contributes to being. 55 more words

Levi Bryant

2012 and the Maya Collapse Ecology in the End Times

This is not the final version of this article. It is to be published in a series of essay clusters on ecology from an object-oriented perspective. 163 more words

Mayanist Studies

“The neurotic thus tries to convert the enigmatic desire of the Other into a specific demand so as to escape the anxiety produced by the mystery of the Other’s desire.” – levi bryant


“the subject’s gaze is always-already inscribed into the perceived object itself, in the guise of its ‘blind spot,’ that which is ‘in the object more than the object itself,’ the point from which the object returns the gaze.” – “As Zizek describes it, The standard definition of parallax is: the apparent displacement of an object (the shift of its position against a background), caused by a change in observational position that provides a new line of sight. 85 more words


“ goes on and on..how his ..did this to him,..giving an account of..dissatisfactions. ..What if the ultimate trauma is not the “cause”, but that there is no cause, that the conflicts of the symbolic..are constitutive, that there isn’t a grand story explain it all?” – “What if any talk of causes is simply a way of minimizing anxiety and horror by suggesting the possibility of an alternative timeline where this dissatisfaction didn’t exist? 103 more words


““Cognition deals with an external world that remains unknown and, as a result, has to come to see that it cannot see what it cannot see..” “..Reality is what one does not perceive when one perceives it,” as Luhmann..puts it” – “Luhmann, of course, was not familiar with Zizek’s concept of the parallax as it had not yet been invented, but the two are remarkably close here. 143 more words