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Gastón Gordillo on The Oceanic Void

Fascinating preview of a piece by Gastón Gordillo on ‘The Oceanic Void‘ which is forthcoming in an edited book on Deleuze and space, and also part of his planned book on the theory of terrain. 72 more words

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Garcia, Johnston, Bryant - Speculative Realism book introductions online

Edinburgh University Press has posted the introductions to three books in the Speculative Realism series edited by Graham Harman:

  1. Tristan Garcia’s Form and Object (
  2. 28 more words
Graham Harman

Working Through Laruelle II: The Role of Christianity*

In my last post on Laruelle’s Anti-Badiou, I was pretty critical of his introduction of Christianity into the debate. As I should have guessed, he does not mean Christianity in the standard sense. 443 more words


A Note on the Badiou View of Decision and the Undecidable

In his Larval Subjects post of February 20, 2014, “Let’s Talk About Sets!,” Levi Bryant presents, in apparent agreement, the view of Alain Badiou that: 128 more words

Alain Badiou