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Reading Leviathan in the church parking lot, playing Tupac. 

The Idealist in me never minds waiting. 

I cracked the stained glass window enough to let the sun light bronze the paperback.  266 more words


Forget ISIS. The Fed is saving us from the horror of frosted cookies

Well, thank God and Nanny State that someone is protecting Ohio’s children from the danger of… brace yourselves, friends… pink-frosted butter cookies!!!

Man, that was close… 130 more words


REVIEWS: Leviathan, Manakamana (Harvard Sensory Ethnography Lab)

If you’re at all a fan of documentaries (or care about seeing the future of film aesthetics), you ought to begin familiarizing yourself with the work of the Harvard Sensory Ethnography Lab.   756 more words

Movie Reviews

Barnes and Noble Get Pop Cultured!: Afterworlds

Afterworlds is the story of two girls: Darcy and Lizzie. The tag line is: “Darcy writes the words. Lizzie lives them.”  The style is something I have grown to love as a structure. 374 more words

Get Pop Cultured

The Making of Leviathan

Who can tame the sea beast Leviathan?
There is nothing on earth quite like him.
To meet him is to dance with death.
Even angels run for cover when he surfaces.
263 more words

The Watercooler

Reformed Commentary on Job: Chapter 3

The third chapter of the Book of Job reveals for us the nature of Leviathan and how, during suffering, the moral fabric of existence becomes apparent. 3,339 more words