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Hobbes as Critical Theorist

I haven’t paid enough attention to Chapter 46 of Hobbes’s Leviathan, in English or Latin. This series of remarks from the 14th Latin paragraph are otherworldly: 450 more words



sea-washed stone in cleft
Nature’s art a false fossil
Leviathan’s eye



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In Feathers

Leviathan - 100 Monsters

Leviathan (lev ī u thun)
Monster Type: Cryptid
Location: Ocean, Unknown
Size: Colossal

Leviathan is a great beast of the sea. Legends tell of a fish or whale so large, it could swallow ships whole. 43 more words


The Leviathan

The Leviathan

Who dares open the doors of its mouth,
ringed about with fearsome teeth?
- Job 41:14

I know my words are not tender. 176 more words


Anatomy of a list: Warwitch Deneghra - Charge of the Solos

Alright guys, today, I’m going to talk about the Deneghra1 list that I piloted at the last masters event.  Warwitch Deneghra is a caster I don’t pull out much, but is one that gets me results every time.  3,213 more words


Leviathan and Sisyphus

The belief that we can successfully limit government if only we use the right words, is, sadly, misguided. The problem isn’t a political one: no word (or phrase) is uninterpretable, and there can be as many interpretations as there are interpreters. 137 more words