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Leviathan Pulls Trips in Wellington

Here are some follow-up shots of Leviathan No. 63 taken during the first day of excursions out of Wellington. Preparations for the day occurred at the Lake Shore Railway Association facility off Ohio Route 18 West. 83 more words

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Leviathan Arrives in Wellington for Trips

The replica steam locomotive Leviathan arrived in Wellington on Thursday to prepare for this weekend of excursions on the old Lorain & West Virginia line. Here it is shown shortly after being removed from the flatbed truck. 29 more words

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After a long descent by ropes, the tall man stood at the pinnacle of the vast entrance of a cave rooted at the bottom of the escarpment. 616 more words



I started out today thinking about chastising the careless use of the term “tolitarianism” by both Left and Right—who generally accuse their opponents of the T word. 394 more words


Europa Universalis IV: Becoming Leviathan

Out of many, one.

I wrote a love letter to Crusader Kings 2′s intricate dynastic backstabbing a while ago, and I thought I should let you know about the game’s semi-sequel… 1,396 more words


North Korea: the nightmare of living under a god

There’s an interesting and frightening interview posted to Business Insider today with Yeonmi Park, a woman who escaped from North Korea with her family as a teenager, but needed years to get over the brainwashing she endured there. 601 more words