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Humanism's priest dazzles with tales of the cosmos

One of the newest promotions within the priesthood of humanism’s church has apparently gone to Neil deGrasse Tyson. He has become, for now, the chief and most visible representative of the modern god of humanism.   232 more words


Choices lead to death or life

The decline of Eli (the house of Aaron), Samuel’s beginnings, losing the Ark of the Covenant: 1 Samuel 1–4

What a contrast: Eli and his two sons, fat and abusing the honour of being the only priests that could serve in the most holy places of the sanctuary; Samuel just doing what he was told, serving the Lord by serving Eli, but without taking on the very poor behaviour. 258 more words

1 Samuel

Devotional #3

What does it mean to be both a psalmist and a storyteller?

In order to answer this question I had a look at the original worshippers appointed by David from the tribe of the Levites in 1 & 2 Chronicles. 326 more words


Question #38 - Levites were not enslaved.

We are taught that the tribe of Levy (this includes the Leviim and the Cohanim) was not enslaved when they were in Egypt. Why did the Egyptians not enslave the Levites? 51 more words

Seder Question

Life after fifty...

“…a man to fulfil my purpose.” Isaiah 46:11

God needs people like you and I to get His work done on earth. In the Old Testament He set apart the Levites as a committed band to serve in the temple.

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Division of the booty (Num 31:25-31:47)

“Yahweh spoke to Moses. ‘You and Eleazar the priest and the heads of the ancestral houses of the congregation make an inventory of the booty captured, both human and animal. 543 more words