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Week 9 Day 3 Leviticus 18

Who You Can – and Cannot – Have Sex With


The focus of this chapter could not possibly be clearer. “Do not have sex with….” followed by a surprisingly detailed list of specifics. 759 more words


Week 9, Day 2 Leviticus 16

Purification from Impurity


Leviticus has just spent five chapters identifying various causes of impurity, so the issue is obviously crucial. The concluding line to those five chapters underscores the urgency of avoiding defilement: God warns Moses, “’You must keep the Israelites separate from things that make them unclean, so they will not die in their uncleanness for defiling my dwelling place, which is among them’” (15:31). 715 more words


Leviticus 25

Notes (NET Translation)

1 The LORD spoke to Moses at Mount Sinai: 2 “Speak to the Israelites and tell them, ‘When you enter the land that I am giving you, the land must observe a Sabbath to the LORD. 2,981 more words

Bible Commentary

Week 9, Day 1 Leviticus 11

Clean and Unclean


Overall, the book of Leviticus consists of two complementary parts: chapters 1-10 calls for holiness inside the temple; chapters 11-27, holiness outside the temple. 722 more words


Day of Rest: The Refreshing Gift of a Holy God

Originally written on October 20th, 2014

As with the other books of the Pentateuch, the book of Leviticus is yet another means by which believers can see the majesty of our God displayed in the Old Testament. 1,158 more words


Express Yourself...

Tattoo or Taboo?

Tattoos. I’ve always wanted one but I’m still umm-ing and ahh-ing on what to get, or whether I should get on at all. 357 more words

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Week 8, Day 4 Leviticus 8

On The Ordination of Priests


With the completion of the tabernacle (Exodus 25-40), and detailed instructions for the various offerings to be sacrificed there (Leviticus 1-7), the text naturally moves on to the priests who offer those sacrifices in that tabernacle (Leviticus 8-10). 671 more words