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Seeking asylum

This list of facts really struck me when I came across it last week as the whole issue around asylum seekers and refugees is very close to my heart. 535 more words


What’s the difference?

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Church Age

The Gospel In Leviticus

Leviticus – it’s such a strange book.
Is it really worth another look?
It speaks of the God who’s holy.
It tells us that He loves us. 13 more words


The Gospel and Leviticus | The Gospel Centered Woman

For a quick survey of the gospel in Leviticus, check out Four Things that Happen When You Study Leviticus for More than Ten Years and listen to John Haralson’s message on Leviticus 9. 123 more words

The day we met

you sat like summer in your red pants suit
on the edge of that flabby plaid couch
and, like all of us, did not make sense …
66 more words


Week 9 Day 3 Leviticus 18

Who You Can – and Cannot – Have Sex With


The focus of this chapter could not possibly be clearer. “Do not have sex with….” followed by a surprisingly detailed list of specifics. 759 more words


Week 9, Day 2 Leviticus 16

Purification from Impurity


Leviticus has just spent five chapters identifying various causes of impurity, so the issue is obviously crucial. The concluding line to those five chapters underscores the urgency of avoiding defilement: God warns Moses, “’You must keep the Israelites separate from things that make them unclean, so they will not die in their uncleanness for defiling my dwelling place, which is among them’” (15:31). 715 more words