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Day 109

Leviticus 19:

In this passage we move away from the ceremonial laws and onto the Moral laws by which the people should be governed. These moral laws give specific guidelines for specific circumstances but also provide us with useful guidelines for the way that we should deal with general circumstances that are not covered by the specific law.  221 more words

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As we come to the end of our time in Leviticus, I want to go back to chapter 25 and think a little about the Sabbath and rest. 365 more words


July 31@ Leviticus 22-24

Leviticus 22-24 (NLT link)

Discover His heart: He is blessed by our celebration of His goodness

As somewhat of a foodie, I am immediately attracted to any chapter in the Bible that is all about feasts.  668 more words

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Day 108

Leviticus 18:

Firmly centered within the Law is the concept of sexual purity and the need to actively work towards it in our lives.  This passage outlines limits of sexual conduct and does so by using the phrase “uncovering nakedness”.  269 more words

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Books of Moses Overview

The Pentateuch contains the history of God’s people:

Genesis, their beginning;

Exodus, their deliverance from Egypt;

Leviticus, their worship and walk;

Numbers, their wanderings in the wilderness; 467 more words

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Day 107

Leviticus 17:

“The life of the flesh is in the blood” and here we discuss it.  The Lord’s command regarding blood is clear and concise – the use of blood was reserved for one thing and that was the performing of atoning sacrifice.  225 more words

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And Another Reason

It is true that God is the Lord, and therefore, he is worthy of being served, worshipped, obeyed… However, it is also true that God presents himself in Leviticus as “your God.” In other words, he purposefully identifies himself with his people, almost 40 times in fact. 65 more words