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C.I. Lewis: Kant + Pragmatism

C.I. Lewis is one of the most significant philosophers of the early twentieth century, his biggest contributions being in epistemology. Lewis investigated how it is that humans gain knowledge. 2,412 more words

Lewis Baloue - Romantic Times (1985)

I mustn’t believe it – it can’t be true, it’s seems too convenient – a second record? But a mysterious world is a better world so I will believe in Lewis. 426 more words


Anthony Lewis - "Its Not My Fault" Ft. T.I.

Check out this new track from “Anthony Lewis” Featuring T.I. Enjoy.


I'm tired

Like not just I have missed a couple of hours sleep tired but like I haven’t slept at all for days tired. Sometimes at moments like this it makes me think that I don’t get tired like the average person would I need more sleep because my body is fighting cancer and that is kind of a big deal. 82 more words

South Africa Thing


I’m going to South Africa.

If you know me and have been in contact with me in any way within the last four or five months, then you already know this. 335 more words

Cape Town

The Game

Back in college, my friends and I used to play “The Game”.  We still do.

You can’t get away from The Game.  Once you learn it, you’re stuck with it.   1,074 more words