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New ITV Drama Trailer

Check out the new ITV Drama trailer here – as slick and intriguing as ever.

Crime/Mystery TV

Was Lewis Hamilton right to disobey Mercedes orders?

During the Hungarian GP today, Lewis Hamilton was instructed over the team radio to allow his team-mate Nico Rosberg past him, the instruction was repeated a number of times but the British driver did not obey the order and remained ahead of the championship leader, Hamilton would finish 3rd with Rosberg just behind him. 636 more words


A Lesson from Lewis Hamilton: Never Give Up!

Often the best motivational stories come from sport. Today from Lewis Hamilton, in Formula 1, we witnessed a real lesson in what happens if you don’t give up even when everything seems to be against you. 140 more words


Dawn and Dusk at Eoropie - 23rd July 2014

To see dawn and dusk at the same beach I would say was fairly impressive, on an island when there is currently only about 3 hours between these things is even more so. 138 more words

Prayer - Part Dos/Deux/Zwei/Due/Two

When Jack the Bible Study Dog (BSD) is not studying the Bible, he is often studying me. In the post, “Prayer – Part Uno, etc.”, I reflected, with Jack’s help, on prayer as supplication or asking. 918 more words

Big Boy Bed!

So it turns out that my little baby … isn’t such a baby anymore! Today Daddy converted his crib into a toddler bed.

Lewis was very excited and had fun playing and climbing on and off the bed himself, but once bedtime came he went right to sleep with no attempts at climbing out!