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Ashland's Opening Day

YOU ARE HERE -> 1950

Ashland, the Henry Clay estate, has since the early nineteenth century been an important American historic site.  During Clay’s lifetime (1777-1852), the estate was often equated with the man and ‘Ashland’ became a household word.  906 more words


Ashland's Glorious Ginkgo Trees

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Of the many hundreds of trees at Ashland today, the ginkgo biloba trees that stand so majestically in Ashland’s front lawn are treasured examples of the ancient and unusual species.  331 more words


Serve with a Smile

My day started early for a Saturday. I drove a half hour out of town only to pick up my client and bring her ten minutes past my house to meet a friend. 354 more words

Casondra Radford

Just Right and Not Quite: Reflections on the film Dear White People

There’s some spoilers, so, yeah.

The film Dear White People premiered nationwide yesterday, and  I was excited to see that not only was it going to be here in Lexington, but at two theatres (woah)! 1,295 more words

Sitopia? Permaculture?

In the TED Talk we’re watching today, Carolyn Steel uses some words that may be unfamiliar, such as sitopia and permaculture. She explains what she means by sitopia (her combination of the Latin words for food and place) and says it’s the practice of using food as a way of seeing. 170 more words

Class Discussion

Park Update / Brick Building Lunch - October 30

Hello Friends,

While its a slow process, things are moving forward with the new skatepark. Due to some delays (which I hear are normal for projects of this scale) … 242 more words

Our Journey Begins

We began our journey of life on the open road yesterday, Monday, October 13. A friend of ours pointed out that it was Columbus Day and, therefore, very fitting that we were starting our own exploration on Columbus Day.  1,064 more words