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Is Landfill Gas Renewable?

When we think of renewable energy, we typically think of wind, solar, and hydroelectric energy sources. Should energy from landfill gas be added to this list?  477 more words


Comic-books in Romania

It can be a very difficult thing to be a comic-book enthusiast in a country with little to no interests in them.

Little to no shops and even fewer places were I can find like minded people and then remember why it is such an introverted hobby to begin with. 502 more words

Never Just A Name

For Pony!

Welcome to Iconic Design, where we discuss the creation of exciting new character builds for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

 Picking characters to write as Iconic Designs is sometimes rather difficult. 1,799 more words

Iconic Design

Some weeks, I feel like Massively is trolling me.

Last week, I read not one but two Massively posts that ruffled my feathers. The problem is mostly my own fault. As one of the better known, better maintained, and most navigable MMO news sites, I keep Massively in my feed because I haven’t found anything that beats it. 1,188 more words


Live from Golgafrincham - Not!

In my previous post I asked about the motives of the new site Live from Golgafrincham. The basic answer is, it’s not what it seems and it is not a genuine site. 64 more words


Live From Golgafrincham

Being a fan of Douglas Adams and his Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, I would normally think well of anyone who associates themselves with some aspect of his stories. 273 more words

Climate Change

What Are The Future Guild Wars 2 Features Blog Posts About?

So there are upcoming Guild Wars 2 posts coming in the next two weeks starting today so I’m going to take a shot and guess what they’re about! 310 more words

Guild Wars 2