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Rhythm is a Dancer

We all dance to our own beat and O is no exception.

Scene: Franklin Flea, Philadelphia, PA…hip hop remix by the in-house DJ, so headphones recommended if at work!

LGBT Families

Words Do Matter

Dear Christopher,

Recently I was making a presentation at a local senior center. The director told me how offensive she found some words.Of Italian heritage herself, she told of trying to explain to an 80-year-old client that calling someone a “Wop” was hurtful. 430 more words

LGBT Families

A Change Will Do You Good

This weekend the fam hit the road to Philadelphia for a quick getaway in honor of G’s birthday.  The anticipation of getting away from it all, hanging in the hotel, walking around the city and enjoying new food, new sites and actual shopping had us buzzed with excitement as we pulled onto the highway in the early Friday evening. 632 more words

LGBT Families

Little Things

Yesterday, O’s awesome teacher discussed with us some methods that might work at a.m. drop-off.  This morning, I talked O through the plan several times at home (when we get to school we wash hands, get our chair, two kisses, and a hug) and on the way to school and we had a wonderful drop-off, complete with O telling his teachers and classmates about an upcoming trip we’re taking as B and I left for work.  55 more words

LGBT Families

Vacation Nation

‘Tis the season to leave it all behind…or at least, that’s what I’m told.  According to colleagues, friends, family and just about everyone on Facebook, now’s the time to pack up the kids, hit the road and spend a long, lazy week kicking back at the beach or lake or any other place synonymous with relaxation. 520 more words

LGBT Families

When It Rains, It Pours

That was always one of my mother’s favorite sayings, along with “hang in there” and “it is what it is” (clearly she was not one for deep and philosophical messaging).   503 more words

LGBT Families

Monday, Monday

This morning was rough.  The Monday morning after the long three-day Fourth of July holiday and I could see we were not the only ones feeling the effects.   623 more words

LGBT Families