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Have I turned into the stereotypical angry lesbian?

Got a skype message from a friend that I haven’t spoken to in ages after she found and read my blog.

CC: “What! You sound so serious and angry on your blog!” 517 more words


10 Countries That Completely Hate Gay People - and yes, Singapore is one of them.

I am trying SO hard not to make any lists of any kind on this blog and recently it has gotten harder not to do. But thanks to almost any other LGBT related blog or zine on the interweb, then I get my cravings for lists settled to a cetain degree. 99 more words


#RainbowLaces and why men's professional football needs to change.

Before I start I should say that I do not define as being LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi Trans) but I write this piece as an ally to the LGBT movement. 1,523 more words


The single most scary thing that can happen in Singapore? (according to some)

The media is banned from mentioning the subject.

TV stations and printed media is banned from showing pictures of “it”.

One TV station almost got kicked off the air for accidentally showing a platonic hint of “that”. 140 more words