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Into the heart of the European Union

I have just completed a meeting in the heart of the European Union.

A so-called informal meeting with public workers representing unnamed ministers (yes, some were briefly named, but you know, into one nervous ear, out of the other), who had heard about my views among other, from my not so any longer chronically unemployed friend, who mindbogglingly had landed a job there. 530 more words


The week of a thousand weirdness

I just taught everyone in the office to say “Heteronormative” and I am feeling proud of myself because of that.

Well if you have read the post that you can’t read yet, because it got stuck in my draft folder on this blog, then you would have known that I am on a “temp” loan to a sister company that is run by an old colleague – who on the first day proudly outed me in front of 17-20 people in the Amsterdam office. 516 more words


Why Lawrence Khong needs Pink Dot more than ever

Now that Pink Dot is over and could report a stunning 26,000 participants, or almost 1 out of every 6 in Singapore who identify as LGBT in Singapore, then we can not only be proud of the most recent turnout, but also take pride in that more and more dare to step out and cherish and show their sexuality to the world and relatives. 695 more words


Are we the antichrist?

I recently returned to Singapore to dust off my apartment and clean it up from a gay parade that had walked through my apartment while I was away. 725 more words


June is Pink Dot Month!

You do know that Pink Dot is over us again!

28th of June at Hong Lim Park, but you already knew that – RIGHT!?

In the last year, Singapore have not been as pink as I would like it to be. 206 more words