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Wisconsin DOJ Didn't Track Gay Marriage Case Hours

MADISON, Wis. (AP) – The state Department of Justice says it doesn’t have any records of how many hours it spent defending Wisconsin’s gay marriage ban, making the full cost of fighting the case impossible to determine. 111 more words


The war against same-sex "marriage" is won … at least intellectually

While we must slowly get used to the thought that the US Supreme Court, in a decision that is expected before the summer break, might push judicial activism to new and unprecedented levels by effectively outlawing the understanding of marriage that was common to all human civilizations at all times, there is good news from another front of the cultural war. 455 more words

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RNC Turns Deaf Ear To Questions About Trip Funded by Hate Group

Last week, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) faxed and sent letters to every member of the Republican National Committee (RNC) regarding an upcoming trip to Jerusalem being organized by RNC Chair Reince Priebus.

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President Obama: 'I’m Hopeful Supreme Court Comes To The Right Decision' On Same-Sex Marriage and GOP pursues state legislation limiting gay rights before Supreme Court rules on gay marriage

By Junior Mayema,

Once Again i urge all LGBT americans and our straight allies to vote for the Democrats in 2016; the republicans are still living in the stone age even though we are now in 2015, they are completely lagging behind when it come to social issues in America the majority of american say yes to same sex marriages, the republicans already took the congress, lets not allow them to take the White House and repeal all the protections that LGBT people now have under the federal law thanks to the leadership of President Obama and the Democratic Party . 1,361 more words

Europe and gay adoption: one final taboo

Politicians in Portugal this week voted for the third time to block proposed legislation that would legalise adoption by same-sex couples in the country. Although gay marriage is legal in Portugal LGBT couples find it impossible to start a family without leaving the country. 150 more words


Thailand's "superficial" gay-friendly image

By Siraphob Thanthong-Knight, DPA Bangkok

DPA International – 21. January 2015

In the lively Silom district of central Bangkok, customers pile into a small, noisy gay bar on a busy Saturday night.  782 more words

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