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Pride Parades and South Asia Queer Politics

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In past couple of days, I came across several Western media outlets reporting onBangladeshi Hijras celebrating a “Pride Parade” in Dhaka. For several reasons, it made me inconvenient – the primary one being I am opposed to the idea of pride parades or Gay Pride. 1,493 more words

The New Case for LGBT Rights: Economics

What’s the secret to convincing the world to back a movement? Figure out how it could impact the global bottom line.

Economic reasoning is part of what propelled the modern women’s empowerment movement. 988 more words

Jamaican Second Class Citizenry

Instead of chiding the Jamaican Government over the newest political debacle that is the NHT purchasing of Outameni, I will devote some time to a larger discourse on the biggest sub-group of our society, that is the second class citizenry. 1,033 more words

Social Issues

Interview: Rachael Donovan

Here is the second interview from the interviews I did with gay, transgender and androgynous people. Was really great interviewing everyone but it was great to get interview someone from Ireland for the interviews been Irish myself. 320 more words

Human Rights

Interview: Kai Pünjer

Recently I did a lot of interviews with gay, transgender and androgynous people about what life is like in the 21st century been gay, transgender or androgynous for submissions for Et Alors? 852 more words

Human Rights

From the Pit of the Soul Is Perfection

There is so much to praise about this song. From the technical aspects like pitch, melody, harmony, vibrato, musicality just absolutely perfect. Then there’s the song itself which is heavy and real and aching for ears to listen. 131 more words