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CofC student body VP: Legislators must respect academic freedom From a disappointed student...

Chris Piedmont

I am disappointed. Disappointed in many of the players in this state that I, and most of my family members, have called home for generations. 415 more words


That’s right, I throw parties now. Not just regular old parties either. Born Ready is a fun flirtatious playground for queers and all their friends to dance, drink, and get sweaty on the dance floor. 110 more words


Lesbian stereotypes: how far do they affect our own person?

Nowadays the clichés surrounding gay men and women, lesbians specifically, are pretty much laughed off. But we have to accept that they’re stereotypes for a reason – they are, somewhat, based on the truth. 294 more words


There’s a world of difference to me between showing a masculine-presenting woman with an interest exclusively in men in a universe with no canonical queerness and showing a masculine-presenting woman with an interest exclusively in men in a universe where some of the other characters are canonically queer. 56 more words

Q is for Queer Fiction

Queer fiction and LGBT fiction is the same fiction, isn’t it? Otherwise this whole post is wrong. Very wrong. Since LGBT (or GLBT. whichever.) does not start with Q. 432 more words


Agenda de Trabajo Consejo Consultivo LGBT

Como anticipé en la entrada inmediatamente anterior me he postulado de nuevo como candidata al Consejo Consultivo LGBT para el periódo 2014 – 2016. La decisión la tome teniendo en cuenta que la etapa para la que fuí elegida es de tan solo 6 meses y estos suceden dentro de un tiempo al que me permito calificar de “muerto”, pues transcurre entre noviembre y diciembre de 2013 momento en el que se aviva la somnolencia navideña y el afán de los primeros cuatro meses de 2014 por las elecciones venideras. 811 more words

Activistas LGBT Colombia

The question: To come out or not.

Life seems to be a bundle of fads. Presently, “coming out” seems to be the fad for the LGBT community. Since I am an outsider, looking in, all I can say is, don’t hurt yourself. 7 more words