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The time I never felt more embraced by my faith and sexuality.

 To set the scene, it was the end of my senior year of high school.  I attended a Catholic, all male high school that was revered as being one of the top schools in the state.  670 more words


Gays in the Afterlife (you’re NOT going to Hell)

by Deborah Kauflin, Ph.D.

You are not going to Hell. You are not bad, and you are very spiritual. Nothing could destroy your soul, especially loving someone! 447 more words

Deborah Kauflin

New Day

It’s a new day with the same old dream
Long ago the time came for different thinking
How many more lives need to be lost… 164 more words

Freedom of Speech in Regina

I was reading an opinion piece by Brian Lilly entitled “Freedom of Speech Going Out of Fashion” and had a few problems with it. 652 more words

Gay It Forward

The first line of the top user review, entitled ‘Life Is Pain’, of the movie “Pay It Forward” is this:

Life is full of inconsistencies, and it is not without a sense of irony.

656 more words

Coming Out At College (Part 3)

My past couple of posts have been the stories of individuals identifying as LGBTQ+ sharing their experiences of coming out at college.  I thank them for doing it all over again with themselves on paper and with the world on the internet.  433 more words


Hamster or axe

I am the only woman in an all male artist studio. I have worked with these guys for 16 years. My office window used to overlook a strip club and there is enough testosterone and alpha-male posturing that I fantasize about bringing an axe to work almost every day. 539 more words