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Summer Time Hang Outs: Freedom to Love

Today was a good day. Not only did I awake from a fun night out with my partner at a local punk gig, my Christmas Holidays have officially started. 871 more words


Chapter Fifteen: Getting Real

Was the world really crazy, or was it just me? Was all of this normal? Like, really?

“The bipedal penis has escaped the building,” a cop yelled into his walkie talkie, running down the hospital’s hallway. 2,078 more words


Accepting I am lesbian

I kind of always knew. When I watched princess movies I never really liked the prince. In fact I kind of hated him and I always wondered why the princess couldn’t end up with another princess. 405 more words


001| Step One: Admitting You're Fabulous as Fuh

This isn’t my first time creating an alternate character for myself. Last winter I had to do a project for my online communications class where we had to keep a blog. 482 more words


So Much on My Mind

After leaving my faith of twenty years, there’s so much on my mind. It can be difficult to find time to write it all down. Of course it doesn’t help that I’m in the middle of penning my doctoral dissertation. 1,091 more words



Author: Lou Harper

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: DSP and Amazon

Type: Short

Received from Publisher

Blurb:  Freshly out of college, shy and introverted Brian Preston travels from LA to Budapest to teach English, ready to embrace life and spread his wings. 279 more words