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Forgiveness versus Reconciliation

The art of Forgiveness- wiping the slate clean, no longer hold a person’s actions, mistakes, words, etc. against them.  A one-person art form.  Only requires one person to forgive. 1,020 more words


(((hugs))) Jeremy a bit tighter...

I really don’t understand people sometimes. I just don’t…

LGBTQ Youths with Unsupportive Parents Sound Off Anonymously with Whisper App

And… it’s my 44th birthday. First thing that happened was I went to feed the guinea pigs and found our smallest and shy one dead on the cage. 50 more words


MEUSA’s White House Moment

By MEUSA Executive Director Brian Silva

Watching the President sign off on an Executive Order banning federal contractors from discriminating against the LGBTQ community last week, I was struck by how far our community has come. 281 more words


After Abu Khdeir murder, an ugly collision of homophobia and racism

By Shaked Spier (Translated from Hebrew by Yossefa Mekyton and Shaked Spier)

After Mohammed Abu Khdeir was burned to death, many Israeli Jews insisted he died at the hands of Palestinians. 787 more words


Golden Calf or Light Unto the Path?

“We believe in a traditionally Christian sexual ethic: that God created human beings male and female, and that any sexual intimacy outside of a faithful, lifelong marital union of a man and woman is contrary to His plan.” 862 more words


8 Things You Hear When You're Gay

If you’re LGBT, here are just 8 things you have most likely heard at some stage. Prepare for some serious eye rolling.

1. ‘Tell me your coming out story!’ 141 more words


The Kinsey Scale (With a Bit of Sass)

The Kinsey Scale, for those of you who do not know, is a scale that was invented in 1948 that was designed to attempt to explain an individual’s sexual orientation at a given time. 396 more words