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"Forgive Me If I've Told You This Before" by Karelia Stetz-Waters

Forgive Me If I’ve Told You This Before, by Karelia Stetz-Waters, is a coming of age story full sex, religion, and politics. It’s 1989 and 15-year-old Triinu guards herself against high school tormentors by abandoning her BFF and dressing Goth–after her head is turned by a fierce senior girl named Deidre. 196 more words

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Life inside
No longer a faint scribble
No longer a tiny
Fleshy fry
From your
Sadistic point of blind bigotry.
Hate only proves
The word evil… 10 more words


anti-trans feminists defend the patriarchy

the patriarchy hates trans women

Anti-trans feminists say that the patriarchy wants them to redefine what a woman is to include transgender women. The patriarchy. Think about that. 634 more words

Oh, and then there's this...

Disclaimer: I am 100% supportive of LGBTQ issues. I have an equality “=” sticker on my van, being an active member of the Human Rights Campaign. 342 more words

Family Life

In Memphis, creating a home for the homeless LGBT youth

Although Deb and Steve Word have two children, they are also parents to nearly 15 LGBTQ youth who had been living on the streets after getting kicked out of their own homes. 1,438 more words


The Unbearable Lightness of Waiting

Oh, blogosphere.  Oh, oh, oh.

I am a nervous wreck.  (You’ve had that expression before, I’m sure, but rest assured that I’m winning at wrecking.  I’m… 467 more words

Newsflash! God hates me!

So that was an odd, out-of-the-blue comment on my Twitter feed recently.  It was in response to posts I’d made back in November regarding the LGBT contingent in Porterville’s Veteran’s Day Parade.   64 more words