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Qualifying for a Loan

Qualifying for a Loan

When qualifying a buyer, a lender will take a look at credit, income, liabilities, and assets. It’s important to sit down with a loan originator to take a look at these items together and find out what you qualify for. 313 more words

Debt-to-Income Ratios Can Derail Your Home Purchase

You’ve got your down payment. Your credit score is fantastic. You’ve even figured out your monthly budget for housing expenses.

So now you’re ready to charge ahead into the home buying process, right? 384 more words


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Great blog for first time homebuyers to better understand DTI qualifications.

MBA 6200 - Assets, Liabilities, Equity and Ratio Analysis

Unlike MBA 6100 which focused on leadership; this course will focus on the understanding, evaluation and critical analysis of the financial statements.  Topics will include assets, liabilities, equity and ratio analysis as well as a critical analysis of ethical and socially responsible decisions. 145 more words


Ripple is hard to understand, but it’s worth making the effort: there’s a deep insight at its core

Ten dollars in your pocket is not the same as ten dollars in the bank and neither are the same as a ten dollar credit on your electric bill or the ten dollars your friend owes you. 1,762 more words


GASB Issues Concepts Statement on Measurement of Assets and Liabilities

Accounting Today:

The Governmental Accounting Standards Board has issued a concepts statement that will guide GASB in establishing accounting and financial reporting standards for U.S.

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Celebrate National Financial Planning Month with Appeal, Inc.

As announced by President Obama, April is National Financial Planning Month and the beginning of the 2nd quarter for many businesses. It is also another opportunity for individuals to spring into gear, asses past spending habits, build and start anew. 110 more words