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Maintain Your Asset / Liability Mismatch At Your Own Peril!!

Recent news from around the world indicates that growth is slowing in nearly every region. Japan and China are pumping liquidity into their systems to encourage more growth. 203 more words

Net Worth Update - September 2014

This month’s net worth is exciting and slightly depressing at the same time.  So much has transpired this last month that my Net Worth was on a super roller coaster.   559 more words

Financial Situation

The Basics...

What is the point of preparing accounts?

We keep accounts to track of how well or badly a business is doing. This is essential for anyone who invests in the business. 789 more words


How Business Insurance in NJ Protects your Company against Liabilities

In protecting your business, insurance is the place to start. There are various types of business insurance in NJ, but sufficient coverage against the most common liabilities should be a priority. 46 more words


Riot For Nothing(2):What we are aruging

“We need job!We need better retirement!We need what!!we need more!”Lots of voice-makers said that,helps us to say.However,people are never be enough if the government keeps offering us. 162 more words


The Personal Financial Statement/ Balance Sheet- Why you Need One

What makes someone wealthy? Is it their income? The size of their house? The way they dress? The car they drive?

Typically, it is their Net Worth. 652 more words


A Simple Balance Sheet Tutorial

“One can’t say that figures lie. But figures, as used in financial arguments, seem to have the bad habit of expressing a small part of the truth forcibly, and neglecting the other part, as do some people we know.” 15 more words