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How the Sausage is Made: BookCountry.com

I met a woman today at the farmers’ market (hi! I forgot to ask your name!) who was interested in my science fiction writing. She wanted to know if I had anything online she could read and I told her, sadly, no, I am very much still in progress on my science fiction novel, and it is not available anywhere. 196 more words

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Big Pimpin'

Earlier this week, news agencies reported that 51-year-old Google executive Forrest Hayes “is thought to have died after a high-class prostitute gave him a fatal dose of heroin during a liaison on board his 50-foot yacht (The Independent, UK).” 167 more words

We need to talk: using structured time to facilitate unstructured chat

Have you ever wished you had more opportunities to chat informally with your colleagues, to get to know them and learn from each other in a relaxed atmosphere, with no agenda, minutes, or actions? 469 more words

Masquerade (Part 2)

For mature readers only…

As you reach for the handle, you hear the sound of an enormous bolt being drawn and the door swings open.  Inside it’s completely dark, the only light escaping around you to form your shadow reflecting off the disembodied head and cuffs of a man standing just inside. 554 more words


A Pronunciation Primer

Still posting stuff from the content farm. Here’s an “article” I wrote on pronunciation. It’s literally a primer, there’s a whole new page and very specific discussion involved in this, my pet project, aspect of ESL teaching. 1,254 more words

Structure Thoughts

Soon To Be Ex Soldier Seeking Job Opportunities

Elevenarife, a verb, to try to outdo someone by displaying one upmanship usually based on an exaggerated lie or embellishment of a truth, as in “I went on holiday to Tenerife” “That’s nothing, I went on holiday to Elevenarife!” 1,187 more words