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Shore Leave: Liara's Song

Liara heads over to Shepard’s apartment for a musical interlude

Choose Your Own Adventure

I'm a monster, or rather... why Kaiden died.

Mass Effect is a great game that gives gamers the choice to be whomever you want. Renegade? Paragon? Man? Woman? Straight? Gay Lesbian? but it wouldn’t allow my Evelyn Shepard to be a polygamous. 220 more words

Video Game

Episode 40

Dinner and a Show

With the Normandy in dry dock for refit and repair, Shepard and her crew have a chance for some shore leave on the Citadel. 34 more words


AMV Roundup! Mass Effect- Miracle

Normally Mass Effect pairs the best with spacey type songs, techno, metal, all that sort of stuff. So I was a little skeptical with the Shinedown choice of music. 67 more words