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Top five Mass Effect squadmates

I love Mass Effect. Like any Bioware game the relationship between the main character and your squad-mates is a massive part of your story. Here I will tell you my FemShep’s top five companions. 410 more words


Episode 56

Carpe Jugulum

Serenity Shepard goes for the throat as she attempts the end Cerberus once and for all and reclaim the information on the Catalyst to complete the Crucible. 29 more words


Episode 53

Dust Off

With Thessia lost, Shepard must rally herself and her crew in preparation for the last ditch effort to retrieve the information on the catalyst from Cerberus. 8 more words


Episode 52

Against the Tide

Shepard and her crew head for the Asari homeworld of Thessia for information to help complete the crucible, but they find it under reaper attack! 43 more words