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Holiday Wine Helper

This column was printed in the Mad River Union – Dec. 17, 2014.  A hyper-local weekly newspaper serving the northern communities of Humboldt County.

Growing up we always had the family holiday feasts at our house.  622 more words

Trope-a-Day: Libation for the Dead

Libation for the Dead: In a variation.  Just as the eldrae burn their dead (to free the spirit, whose nature is of fire, from the body, whose nature is of wood), the equivalent of libations for the dead are burned, not poured out.  9 more words


----"10000 tongues"-----

(Homage to my ancestors)

I have seen a land
far far away from mortals
a land so imbued with wisdom
a land where nature exist… 231 more words


The Session #94: The Way I Role

(DING is back as our host for The Session #94, this time asking us to consider our individual roles in the beer community/industry) 730 more words


Introducing Pintiptor™ - A Treatment for your Moderate to Severe Hopothermia

::Fade in to man washing dishes in a brightly lit, country-style kitchen::

“I’m not just a beer drinker; I’m a beer enthusiast. But when I noticed that my every conversation inevitably turned to beer, and saw all my friends roll their eyes and make excuses to get away from me at parties, I decided it was time to go see my doctor.” 522 more words


Hang Out MORE and Hangover LESS: Professional Drunkism

Are you some poor lush who can’t help but to get wasted every now and then, and by “every now and then” I mean all the damn time?  752 more words