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Questions for a Blood Moon

Who colored the moon bloody and bald?
Why does she drip gouts of gore?
What haints scratched through the blue porch ceiling?
Where be hats of fog crossin’ hellegat* passage? 99 more words


Beer Review: Left Hand Wake Up Dead Nitro

Apprehension settles in right around dusk. Shadows stretch for the long night ahead, laying a blanket down for some giant nocturnal picnic. In one last show of radiant glory, the sun slides into the horizon like bread into a toaster, continuing its never-ending journey to cook the planet to perfect brownness. 579 more words


Session #86 - Obituary: Beer Journalism

Heather Vandenengel of Beer Hobo is hosting the 86th iteration of The Session. This month’s very a propos topic: Beer Journalism. Special thanks to Bryan D. 705 more words


Lifestyle RENOvation: EXPLANation

As a veteran of 17 house moves – across 6 countries, I have a pretty good understanding of everything that relocation entails. Sometimes it helps to have the insight of another relative newcomer – seeing your new home town as they did, not so long ago! 91 more words


Beer Review - Miller Fortune (and the Big Beer Conspiracy)

I want to preface this post by saying that I am a normal, rational human being and don’t buy into any conspiracy theories/cryptozoological phenomenon except… 803 more words


Logos, Labels, and Lego - 15 Questions with Artist and Illustrator, Matthew LaFleur

Confession time: I’ve always irrationally loved logos. I stare at and analyze them, wondering why certain geometric decisions were made, debating how much thought and effort and money went into the design. 1,593 more words


Hendricks Gin and Tonic Frozen Floral Fantasy Cocktail

A client rang to vent her frustration, she somehow knew I wouldn’t fail her with amused understanding. She had half prepared everything for ‘her wanna be chef’ to subsequently load, into an electric crock pot which would be left on all day and ready for their Valentine supper a deux upon her return.   461 more words

Food Photography

Chef Myra reblogged this on Shut Up and Cook Something... and commented:

This lovely lady liked one of my recipes, and as a result, I was introduced to these amazing confections on her page...this one, had to be reposted. It's gonna be warm and sunny this weekend, and THIS is the perfect cocktail to officially introduce spring!!