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Scottish referendum vote was a joy and a sorrow. Westminister can go back to smug complacency.

I  am delighted that Scotland is still part of our country.

I’m not the least bit bothered by Scot’s who curse “tha’ f**kin’  Anglish”, no more than other’s espouse similar epithets about other regions of the country. 137 more words


Elections are coming

Brace yourselves. Between now and May 7th 2015 UK politics would be dominated by the upcoming general elections. Campaigning already started, notably with David Cameron reshuffling his cabinet. 784 more words


CarerWatch response to LibDems manifesto promise for carers

According to Mr Clegg, some carers experience ‘an unbearable burden’. As such, under the LibDem election promise, they will receive a ‘reward’ paid annually to allow them to have a break. 728 more words


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