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Knowledge vs. Box-Checking

Chronicle poster polly_mer recently posted this assessment of the importance of a college education:

This is why our responsibility in Gen Ed and even majors classes is to sell the benefits of knowing things instead of checking the boxes.

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Top Schools For English Majors

Every college specializes in some area, making it an ideal place for someone that has an interest in that area.  For example, Purdue University is known for it’s engineering and science program.   85 more words

Rocinante Has Nothing on This Wooden Horse

This week, as in most weeks, I saw at least two or three situations where some sort of observation from or application of the week’s Great Books readings were… 752 more words


Lent (Day 40) -- we made it...

I did finish Breslin’s book, and I do appreciate his desire to not let the authorities and their short-sighted attempts to keep the whole sex abuse matter quiet for their own political reasons be the final word.   741 more words

Lenten Obsesrvance

Poem: Why Don't You Talk?

Why Won’t You Talk

Why won’t you talk?
About the things that you feel
Yes it’s you and me
We share a common history

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If You Want To Feel Safe On The Internet, You're Doing It Wrong

Recently Lena Dunham’s alma matter, Oberlin College, published a guide for its professors on how to correctly use trigger warnings while teaching so that none of their students would be… 490 more words

Purdue Teacher Recruitment Day April 29

Jobs fairs are fantastic for college students because it provides them the opportunity to network with employers.  However, many job fairs do not bring in school corporation recruiters for students looking to become teachers.   138 more words