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Is The Psychology Field Politically Biased ? Of Course

Is Social Psychology Biased Against Republicans?

” On January 27, 2011, from a stage in the middle of the San Antonio Convention Center, Jonathan Haidt…

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Conservatives Should Calm Down About Academia

Coming from the public school system in Oregon, I was exposed to a variety of leftist ideology in high school. Upon arriving to Georgetown, where like many other institutions of higher education Democrats outnumber Republicans on campus (especially among professors and administrators), I expected to be exposed to assailing left wing ideology because of the common narrative among Republicans that universities are breeding grounds for obedient socialists whose policies are destined to ruin America in the future. 604 more words

Republican Party

Approval Ratings, One and All.

Much has recently been made of President Obama’s “low” approval ratings. They are hovering in the 40% area, depending on whom you ask. That means that, out of every 10 people polled, 4 like the job he’s doing, and 6 don’t. 530 more words


Idiot on CNN

Don Lemon on CNN claims Christianity preached hatred which isn’t true. Yes , we have had the Crusades (fought against Muslims) The Salem Witch trials, and etc. 754 more words

Sean Hannity, Phil Robertson and Bowel Movements

Phil Robertson is back. Back on Fox “News” I mean. This maloderous, mouth-breathing, camo-fashionista, was on Sean Hannity discussing ISIS, because, after all, who better to discuss extremely complex foreign policy issues than someone who kills little ducks for a living? 337 more words


Kickstarter Campaign

I’m in the process of writing a new book, working title Reluctant Racist-A White Man’s Perspective. It’s the story of racism, as I’ve seen it, for the last 50 or so years. 75 more words