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Idiot on CNN

Don Lemon on CNN claims Christianity preached hatred which isn’t true. Yes , we have had the Crusades (fought against Muslims) The Salem Witch trials, and etc. 754 more words

Sean Hannity, Phil Robertson and Bowel Movements

Phil Robertson is back. Back on Fox “News” I mean. This maloderous, mouth-breathing, camo-fashionista, was on Sean Hannity discussing ISIS, because, after all, who better to discuss extremely complex foreign policy issues than someone who kills little ducks for a living? 337 more words


Kickstarter Campaign

I’m in the process of writing a new book, working title Reluctant Racist-A White Man’s Perspective. It’s the story of racism, as I’ve seen it, for the last 50 or so years. 75 more words


The Lying Liberal News and Ferguson

The liars in charges of the liberal news outlets simply can’t get enough “poor poor protestors” from Ferguson. The liberal fed hysteria would not be hysteria at all if it weren’t for the liberal slanted news attacking the police at every chance. 174 more words

Liberal Bias

Government-Operated School Advocates SUPPORT ESAs Now?

My latest blog post from over at my “day job” at NewsTalk 550 KFYI … in which¬†a “concern troll” seeks to influence your opinion of Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs).



Sarah Palin has uttered something profound, although she's not bright enough to know it

I can’t help it folks. Sarah Palin has been thinking again (yeah, that’s what she calls it) and has come to the conclusion that since liberals hate fast food (not sure where that chestnut came from) that its confusing to her that we’d care about fast food workers. 523 more words