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Lawsuits, Impeachment and Boehner, Oh My!

John Boehner’s congress, you know the congress that in 2013 passed only 67 laws, compared to the congress described by Harry Truman in the 1940s as the “do nothing congress”, which passed over 900 laws, yeah, that congress, voted to sue Barack Obama yesterday. 323 more words


Bad Behaviour

The Chronicle of Higher Education published an article earlier this week (by Tom Bartlett) on a paper that will soon be appearing in the journal… 360 more words


Archie Bunker and the death penalty

After the third, by my count, screwed up execution by a state against an individual today, I’m reminded of a TV show from years ago. 143 more words


Onward Christian Soldiers

After listening to John Boehner once again complain about the President’s request for $3.7 billion to try to stem the tide of children coming over the southern border, hire even more border guards, and put judges in place to adjudicate these cases, I was struck by the blinding hypocrisy of these Repub imbeciles. 405 more words


My Favorite Liberal Rag Wants you to Feel Sorry for Ybarra

Aaron Ybarra, poor poor Aaron who grew up in a fouled up home. That is what the liberal piece of toilet paper called the Seattle Times would like you to think. 117 more words

Liberal Bias

Republicans were right...Nah, I'm just kidding.

I was going to write today about all the recent events about which Republicans have been wrong. Rather than write what will likely be a very, very long post, I will break it down into many smaller ones. 120 more words