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Massachusetts "Tolerance"

Causing Michael Graham to leave. And that’s the way the Liberal Fascists would have it. In case you haven’t noticed recently, they’re doing all they can to silence any opposing viewpoints.


Climate Change Fascists

Hoping for the death of millions.

Hey, anything to promote the right politics. Socialism never changes, whether it’s advocating for the environment or not. And the greatest environmental atrocities were under the communists.


The Turd Eich?

So, Brendan Eich quit Mozilla because his past caught up with him and now there’s a big furor about the merits or otherwise of the campaign that led to his resignation. 506 more words


IRS beats Benghazi

Republicans should really focus on the IRS tea party targeting scandal and put Benghazi on the back burner. Look, Benghazi should have been a major scandal. 233 more words

Obama's Fault

Liberal Fascism, Reviewed In Light Of Current Events


The main mistake many of the lefties around me make is in thinking their side ever wasn’t the primary champion of fascist ideals.