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The Leading Cause Of Death In The USA Is Not Guns ... It's Abortion , 2700 Daily

Hot Air

  2700 aborted babies a day Progressive’s idea of birth control . Hypocrisy anyone ? The numbers at the link to CDC “only” average two thousand two hundred per day  but even that figure is obscene …


Mika Brzezinski: ‘Keep it Right Here on Morning Jew’

Mika Brzezinski is obviously working from her White House talking points memos again…

Freud would probably be stroking his van dyke right about now and going, … 266 more words

Barack Obama

Sandra Fluke Can't Afford Birth Control But Loaned Her Campaign $100,000

Poor Sandra Fluke. She can’t afford $9 bucks a month to pay for birth control at Target.

Good thing that lack of cash isn’t getting in the way of… 153 more words


Liberals Getting Worried That Israel Trusts GOP More Than Democrats

You know what? They should be worried.

Conservatives aren’t the ones chanting “Gas the Jews” at anti-Israel protests. Republicans weren’t the ones who booed the idea of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel… 209 more words


MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell To Issue Formal Apology To Romney Any Day Now

No, she’s not really going to do that but she should.

You see, Andrea Mitchell was part of the liberal media chorus which scoffed at Mitt Romney’s suggestion that… 64 more words


US Evacuates Personnel From Embassy in Libya as Obama Plays Golf

Obama really has checked out, hasn’t he?

This is pretty serious news, via CNN…

The U.S. Embassy in Libya evacuated its personnel on Saturday because of heavy militia violence raging in the capital, Tripoli, the State Department said.

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