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AP Washington Bureau Chief Says Obama is Blocking Information From the Press

Most transparent administration ever.

You know what? I get bored pointing out all the ways that Obama is worse than everything the left hated about Bush, I really do. 211 more words


Barbara Boxer left "shaking and trembling" after Bob Corker criticized John Kerry and Barack Obama over ISIS

Earlier today Secretary of State John Kerry testified in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and according to this article he got into a heated debate with Bob Corker, who questioned his judgement on ISIS. 483 more words


DOWN TWINKLES - Occupy Wall Street Leaders Sue Each Other For CASH

It turns out the Occupy movement – which we were told was a completely organic grass roots organization – had organizers who are now suing each other for big bucks. 130 more words


Code Pink Struggles To Remain Relevant in the Age of ISIS

Code Pink recently crashed a senate hearing on ISIS with the Armed Services Committee.

Today they took on John Kerry and as Brendan Bordelon writes at National Review, … 143 more words


The Winds of Change

Hello friends,

The last couple days have been hectic on this blog. I got a lot of new Twitter followers and many new folks stopped by to read Monday’s post. 332 more words

Iowahawk Makes a Great Right Field Catch

It’s amazing what you can learn on Twitter.


Grab a screenshot before it mysteriously vanishes down the comedy hole (h/t @JimmyPrinceton ) https://t.co/grnXJDdDhq

— David Burge (@iowahawkblog) September 16, 2014



SURPRISE! Same Media That Obsessed Over Bush's Approval Rating Ignores Obama's

This issue needs to be addressed.

Media bias? What media bias?

MRC Study: TV Buries the Bad News on Obama’s Collapsing Polls

In Bush’s case, the networks routinely highlighted his falling approval ratings to illustrate his political weakness, and regularly cited polling data showing public disapproval of policies such as the Iraq war.

63 more words