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David Axelrod, King of Meaningless Slogans Criticizes "Ready For Hillary"

Bear in mind, this is the man who authored the words “Yes We Can” for Obama and “Together We Can” for Obama’s friend and political clone, Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick. 60 more words


Liberal Writer Thinks it's Racist to Ask Muslims to Condemn Terrorism

And by “liberal writer” I of course mean someone who works for Ezra Klein’s VOX.

Maybe when the Presbyterians start blowing shit up and beheading people we’ll ask them to condemn it. 82 more words


Liberals With Nothing New to Offer Seek to Sabotage Conservatives at State Level

Talk about the party of no ideas.

Liberals are angry about the success Conservatives have enjoyed at the state level. How are they going to win back seats? 250 more words


Hostage Taking Terrorist Democrats Threaten Government Shut Down

Republicans have submitted a perfectly reasonable bipartisan bill to fund the government but obstructionist terrorists in the Democratic Party are holding the country hostage.

Sound familiar, Dems? 130 more words


Arrested Berkeley Rioter Complains About Jail Food, Hilarity Ensues

Ferguson rioters in Berkeley have wreaked havoc on their community but they’re doing it in the name of social justice so the media has gone out of their way… 105 more words


The New Republic Magazine is Dying and I Don't Care

Another liberal rag is dying. I don’t care. I wouldn’t even be writing about it but I’ve been astounded by the amount of reportage on the subject. 572 more words