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Multiculturalism: A Brief Overview by L. Reinhard

Many thanks to L. Reinhard for another piece.  All work contain herein is courtesy of L. Reinhard.

Multiculturalism is the pinnacle of liberalism/democracy and has been prevalent for a long time now. 677 more words


Magazine Now Known For Fake Rape Stories Trashes American Sniper Film

As a former reader of Rolling Stone magazine, I can’t tell you how saddened I am by their continuing descent into well deserved obscurity.

Matt Taibbi, who left Rolling Stone… 360 more words


Powerful New York Democrat Arrested for Taking Millions in Bribes

Democrats are all for getting “dark money” out of politics.

How about getting dirty Democrats out of politics?

New York Daily News reported…

N.Y. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver accused of $4 million bribery and kickback scheme, Dems continue to support him…

139 more words

MSNBC guest says Bobby Jindal is trying to 'scrub some of the brown off his skin'

 During a recent interview on MSNBC a guest had some interesting comments in regards to Bobby Jindal, here is the video:

    The left loves to claim they are the party of diversity, they love to claim they are for minority rights, and they love to claim the Democrats are the party which will stand up for their rights–as long as they toe the line that is. 172 more words


Husband of Dem Senator Dianne Feinstein to Make 1 Billion Off Government Deal

Democrats love to talk about income inequality. You know why? They wrote the book on it.

I wonder how Dianne Feinstein’s husband got this sweet deal? 163 more words



My latest column for the International New York Times is about Charlie Hebdo, Dieudonné and double standards in free speech. Here are the opening paragraphs. 522 more words

Free Speech

Sally Kohn Makes CNN Look Stupid

As if they needed any help.

If Sally Kohn is the best voice Progressives have, they’re in deep trouble.

What’s wrong with this headline?

Terrorism doesn’t justify insulting Islam… 155 more words