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Harry Reid Makes Stunningly Racist Remark About Asians

Good thing he’s a Democrat, otherwise the media might take notice…

Harry Reid’s Joke to Asians: You’re Not Smarter Than Everyone Else

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid drew laughter from an Asian audience Thursday with a pair of Asian-themed jokes.

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Liberal Fascist Who Launched Campaign to Destroy Paul Ryan's Book Has Book For Sale on Amazon For ONE CENT

It turns out Erica Payne’s campaign to vandalize Paul Ryan’s new book is just a classic case of author envy.

Erica Payne’s one book, The Practical Progressive: How to Build a Twenty-first Century Political Movement… 34 more words


Progressive Activist Launches Campaign to Vandalize Books

Democrats are the party of progress. Progressives believe in science and education. Progressives believe in… the vandalism of books.

Daniel Halper of The Weekly Standard… 244 more words


Democrats Begin To Figure Out That Obama is Disengaged

And a total drag on their party.

This article from the New York Times is getting a lot of play on Memeorandum right now…

Obama Is Seen as Frustrating His Own Party…

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Seven People Attend Code Pink Protest Against Obama Airstrikes in Iraq

Hey everybody, remember Code Pink?

Like the rest of the recently missing anti-war left, they were front and center in media reports while George W. Bush was president. 177 more words


The Buck Stops Where?

Elsewhere, apparently.

Watch Obama blame “the previous administration” about 10,000 times.

Via the Washington Free Beacon.


Democrat John Lewis Wants Obama to Declare Martial Law in Ferguson

The left is currently trying to claim that conservatives and libertarians, who are typically wary of government overreach, are being silent about what’s happening in Ferguson. 115 more words