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BAD NEWS - Chelsea Clinton Quits $600K Per Year Job as NBC News "Reporter"

$1.8 Million dollars in three years.

I’m sure Chelsea is proud of the “reporting” she did as a “reporter” for NBC News.

Don’t you remember all the ground breaking “reports” she filed? 88 more words


Obama - The Man With No Plan

I’m posting the video below just in case you missed it.

Do you know how bad things are? Even the Washington Post is worried about Obama. 25 more words


Almost a Dozen Americans Have Joined ISIS to Fight in Syria and Iraq

Do you grasp the gravity of this?

Up to twelve people living in America have joined the worst terrorist group since al-Qaeda.

Pictured above – Americans who have NOT joined ISIS. 241 more words


Jon Stewart and His Audience Enjoy a Good Laugh Over the Death Of Michael Brown

It’s totally OK you guys, because the butt of the joke is FOX News.

Of course, no one on FOX laughed about the death of Michael Brown. 89 more words


OH GREAT: American Discovered Among Dead Fighting for ISIS in Syria

And he wasn’t a member of the supposedly terrorist Tea Party. I’m amazed NBC News even bothered to report it…

American Douglas McAuthur McCain Dies Fighting for ISIS in Syria…

187 more words

Warren Buffet is Good at Two Things: Making Money and Tricking Democrats

The difference between rich republicans and rich democrats is that often time republicans will at least admit they want to minimize their tax bills and make a lot of money. 302 more words

Warren Buffett is helping to finance Burger King's move to Canada to lower its taxes

 You may have heard by now that Burger King is in the process of purchasing Tim Hortons Inc. and this move would allow Burger King to move its headquarters to Canada where it will pay a lower tax rate. 336 more words