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Obama Playing King With ObamaCare - AGAIN

Dude, you are not Napoleon.  Knock it off.

Just when we thought the White House might be getting the message that changing laws midstream without Congress passing the changes is a big no-no, this surfaces: 142 more words

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Eleanor Holmes Norton Tells Us The Difference Between Parliament And Separation Of Powers

We may not have a right to know, but we do have the right to think that you, woman, are an idiot.

Yo, Washington, D.C., would you all please take your village idiot back and elect someone who has better speech writers? 248 more words

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San Fran's Favorite Moonbat: We Should Treat Illegal Alien Children Like 'Baby Jesus'

The same woman who fervently supports late-term abortion

Let’s just let Pelosi speak for herself, here. This is also the same woman who claims to be a devout Catholic. 17 more words


HUH? University Of Wisconsin Says Good Grades Should Be Distributed Equally…Based On Race

I assume the university will make sure these students receive equal pay at equal jobs?

First there was affirmative action. Then the University of Michigan decided to accept students based on the color of their skin. 232 more words

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Hypocritical Multimillionaire Moonbat Elizabeth Warren's '11 Tenets Of Progressivism'

If you listen to my radio show, you know that one of my  fave Democrats is pretend-Native American Elizabeth Warren (aka Faux-ahontas, Lie-awatha).

Lizzy, who is worth… 1,039 more words

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