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Tom Steyer On The Unsophisticated Americans Who Don't Buy Global Warming

The “sophisitcates” do not have the market cornered on brains

You ready for this?

Speaking at a climate conference hosted by the American Renewable Energy Institute, [Tom} Steyer said:

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Ferguson News That The National Media Hasn't Shared


Now that the Al Sharpton circus has left town and The Black Panthers have made their demands to the City of Ferguson and the County Prosecutor (good luck with that) and… 356 more words

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VIDEO: Rep. Tom Marino To Bela Pelosi - What Apology?

Uh, Nancy, you owe HIM an apology

Rep. Tom Marino is pretty much using the same script he developed in his interview earlier in the week with Tucker Carlson, but still. 43 more words

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British Soldierettes Ask For More Support. They Want Better Sports Bras

Some things are just not meant to be

Coming from the “you can’t make this up” and “reason 598 why women should NOT be in combat” departments is this from our girlfriends across the pond: 406 more words

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VIDEO: Meet Tom Marino, The Gentleman Who Got Nancy Pelosi On Her Broomstick

Did her flying monkeys follow?

Amazing how fast people can become famous.

In the four days since San Fran Nan chased a fellow congresscritter across the floor of the House of Representatives and wagged her finger at him calling him “insignificant” – TWICE – the video of the actual event has gone viral.   129 more words

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Jon Voight Skewers ‘Ignorant’ Javier Bardem & Penelope Cruz on Israel: ‘You Should Hang Your Heads in Shame’

Moonbat Israel haters beware: this guy does his homework

Actor Jon Voight is a conservative. That, in and of itself, is a rarity in Hollywood. But Voight is also an outspoken supporter of Israel. 335 more words

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The Imperial President Threatens Republicans On Border Crisis: 'I'll Have To Act Alone'

Musn’t disagree with the boy king

With House Republicans struggling Friday to agree on a border security bill and a similar effort stalled in the Senate, Barack Obama all but said what most political pundits have predicted for weeks: He’s once again ready to wield the mighty “pen” and “phone” and rule by executive order. 326 more words

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