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Subtly Perfecting the Art of their Forefathers

So, let’s say you’re filling out a company employee questionnaire, and in this case one that is NOT anonymous. You get through the standard touchy, feely, how are we doing team questions when you come across… this. 436 more words


Consequences of Liberal Policies: Not in My Liberal Back Yard

So I turn on the news this morning (6/23/14) and there is this state legislator from great state of Massachusetts complaining that planeloads of illegal immigrants are being flown to his home state. 313 more words



Iraq: Spiraling Out of Control
Obama: Weekend of Fundraising and Golf (kind of like Benghazi)

But don’t worry. Professor Obama is studying the situation as we speak; I guess in the breaks between the fundraisers and golf. 64 more words

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Hillary 2016 - At This Point

Hillary’s out and about on a book tour, aka testing the waters for her 2016 campaign. I actually have my doubts she’ll run; which pretty well means she will; since I’m more often wrong about these things than not. 134 more words


Nick Anderson - Neither is Either

Political cartoonist Nick Anderson is a “moderate” in the same sense that the Houston Chronicle (his employer) is a credible newspaper. Meaning neither is either. Nick’s editorial cartoons often display the wishful thinking and arrogant derision of the left. 91 more words